Remi Lucidi Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Death, Wife, Height, Ethnicity, Weight

Remi LucidiRemi Lucidi Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Death, Age, Net Worth:- Remi Lucidi was a prominent French climber who scaled skyscrapers and other large structures all over the world. On July 30, 2023, he was just 30 years old when disaster struck. His love of extreme sports and climbing inspired him to accomplish several risky exploits, including climbing cranes, bridges, pylons, and even transmitters. Remi set his sights on the Tregunter Tower, a 721-foot-tall apartment complex in Hong Kong’s elite Mid-Levels neighborhood. He made it to the 68th level, but this would be his final ascent.

Remi was observed pounding on the windows of the Tregunter Tower complex only moments before the catastrophic plunge. It’s thought he was trying to get aid or attention from someone inside. Officials in Hong Kong stated that a security officer at the building attempted to stop Remi when he claimed to be seeing a friend on the 40th level, but he was able to go further up the building. Remi tragically fell from the 68th story after losing his balance while attempting to continue his journey. He perished instantaneously as a result of the hit.

Remi Lucidi Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Death, Wife, Height, Ethnicity, Weight

Name Remi Lucidi
Birth Date February 23, 1993
Birthplace Montpellier, France
By Profession Youtuber, Climber
Age 30 Years Old
Education Graduate
Height 5’-9 Feet
Weight 68 kg
Girlfriend Name Not Known
Marital Status Unmarried
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Mother Name Not Known
Father Name Not Known
Net Worth $250k USD

Who is Remi Lucidi

Remi Lucidi was a French climber known for his daring achievements in ascending buildings, bridges, and cranes all around the world. On his Instagram account, where he had around 10,000 followers, he uploaded magnificent photographs and videos of his experiences. He also did stunts for business customers and marketed items inspired by his climbs. His life, however, ended tragically on July 30, 2023, when he fell from a high-rise building in Hong Kong while performing a stunt.

Remi Lucidi

Remi Lucidi Age, Biography, Early Life

Remi Lucidi was born in Montpellier, France, on February 23, 1993. He was 30 years old at the time of his death.  Lucidi grew up as a meek, introverted adolescent who was terrified of heights and had few friends. He dropped out and spent most of his time playing video games. When he watched a TV commercial starring David Belle, the inventor of parkour, a discipline that includes traveling around urban surroundings utilizing acrobatic abilities, his life transformed. Lucidi was inspired by Belle to conquer his fear of heights and begin climbing.

He started with parkour and then progressed to buildering, which is the act of climbing on the outside of buildings and other man-made structures. He devised his unique climbing style, which he dubbed “enigma,” and earned the moniker “Remi Enigma.” Lucidi began documenting his climbs on social media and quickly garnered a following. He also drew the attention of the media and business sponsors, who paid him to conduct stunts for their products. He traveled the world to scale some of the world’s most famous structures, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Moscow Bridge in Kiev, and the Marina 101 in Dubai.


In 2016, Remi Lucidi made his first video on “roof topping,” or scaling massive structures. He began doing it just in his own country. But then something in him sparked, and he decided to increase the intensity of his enthusiasm. He began traveling the world in pursuit of new and exciting challenges because he sought more excitement in his life. He demonstrated his climbing abilities by posting images of himself climbing on his Facebook page. But he didn’t stop there. He went to Dubai in 2016, and it was a watershed moment in his life.

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Remi Lucidi Death Cause

Remi Lucidi was in Hong Kong on July 30, 2023, to climb the Tregunter Towers, a series of three apartment towers in The Peak region. Tregunter 3, the highest skyscraper, stands 220 meters (721 feet) tall and has 66 stories. Lucidi got inside the building by pretending to go to see a friend on the 40th level. He then took the lift to the 49th level, then the steps to the top floor. He knocked on the window of a 68th-floor penthouse, attempting to get access to the top. The domestic worker inside, however, refused to let him in and he fled. A few minutes later, the police were notified of a gas leak in the building.

When they arrived, they discovered Lucidi’s body on a patio outside the building. He had allegedly fallen from a ledge while attempting to scale the tower. The fall also ruptured a gas line, resulting in the leak. The cops discovered his French identity card as well as a sports camera with film from prior climbs. There was no suicide note discovered at the location.

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Net Worth

At the time of his death, Remi Lucidi’s net worth was assessed to be USD 250 thousand.

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