Who Is Masao Kaanga, And Why Is Trending?

Masao Kaanga

Who Is Masao Kaanga: According to a police report, a boy shot his teenage girlfriend in a park in Springville. After this, he also committed suicide on Wednesday afternoon. Police say that they had met happily earlier but the boy shot and killed the girl. “However, the investigation into the murder/suicide of two Springville residents is ongoing,”

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Masao Kaanga, 19, was a native of Springville. Now her death has been confirmed, while the girl was taken to a nearby hospital. Springville police were first alerted to the situation Wednesday afternoon when they were asked to investigate an apparent break-up and concerned that Masao Kaanga was threatening Conroy. After that, the car was found a little before 3:45 PM.

Police have identified her as Lily Conroy. And was a high school student. Involved in the incident is Masao Kaanga, a 19-year-old boy from Springville. “We found that the 17-year-old girl and the 20-year-old boy were both lying on the front seats of the car,” said Lieutenant Warren Foster.

Kaanga was a good athlete, playing football for the Springville High football team. It was he who shot Masao Kaanga in the head.


Police on Wednesday looked for Conroy and Kaanga, both in a car that had been shot in the head, at Hobble Creek Park. Police found Kaanga dead on the spot and Conroy was taken to hospital, where she is on life support, but her chances of survival are slim.


What has happened between the Masao Kaanga and Conroy?

They had a conversation but worried that he was going to do something, Foster said “She got into the same vehicle with him, and we found out they were happy together.” But do not know what happened after some time that the bullet was fired.

The Nebo School District sent a note to the parents of Springville High School Thursday morning, and teachers informed the students of their classmate Lily’s death in the homeroom.

Officers also arrived at Springville High School at around 3:19 PM. Although no one could see what was the matter. Foster also said, “When we got there, we found them both with bullet marks in the vehicle.”

Conroy’s family members stayed with him overnight in the hospital and kept him on life support throughout the day so that all his organs could be donated to a local family in need.