Iam Tongi Wiki, Age, Parents, Biography, Songs, Net Worth, Career

Iam Tongi WikiIam Tongi Wiki, Age, Biography, Family:- Iam Tongi is a participant in American Idol Season 21. Iam is from Hawaii, and his audition for the show went viral, capturing the hearts of spectators. He attended Hollywood Week and was recognized for his outstanding performances. Judge Luke Bryan was moved to tears by Iam’s audition, in which he paid a heartfelt homage to his late father.

He was recognized as a remarkable audition and a potential new American Idol star. Iam’s journey on American Idol has gotten a lot of attention on social media, with millions of views on his audition video on YouTube. He has been focusing on gaining confidence and exhibiting his abilities as a vocalist and songwriter. Iam Tongi has captured fans with his emotive performances and engaging story, and he is a competitor to watch on Season 21 of American Idol.

Iam Tongi in American Idol 2023

In 2023, Iam Tongi competes in the 21st season of the iconic reality TV show American Idol. He has received notice and accolades for his performances on the show. Iam, also known as William “Iam” Tongi, is a Hawaiian singer and composer who has moved judges and spectators with his emotive performances. His concerts have been dedicated to his late father Rodney, who was his musical influence. Tongi has moved to the Top 24 and has been acclaimed for his spectacular performances, which have included covers of Simon & Garfunkel and James Blunt songs. He has been described as a fan favorite, and he has already made an impression on both the judges and the audience. Tongi’s performances on American Idol 2023 have been dramatic, strong, and well-received by both the crowd and the judges, propelling him to the competition’s Top 24.

Iam Tongi Wiki, Age, Parents, Biography, Songs, Net Worth, Career

Full Name Iam Tongi
Birth Date September 1, 2004
Profession Singer, Television
Girlfriend Name Not Known
Marital Status Unmarried
Age 19 year old
Nationality American
Birth Place Kahuku, Hawaii, United States of America
Religion Christian
Father’s Name Rodney Guy Tongi
Mother’s Name Lillie N Rodney Tongi
Children N/A
Net Worth USD 700
Category Biography

Who is Iam Tongi

Iam Tongi will appear in the upcoming season of American Idol 2023. He exhibited his singing talent in front of the judges during the audition phase, he made the judges emotional with his heart-wrenching story of losing his father a few months before his audition. The gifted young man specializes in folk-indie love ballads.  American Idol’s current season will have renowned judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry. The schedule of American Idol season 21 includes auditions, Hollywood Week, Showcase Rounds, and the Top 24 rounds, in which contestants will perform solo and celebrity duet performances. Following the Top 24 round, the Top 16 will be picked, and the Top 12 will be permitted to compete in the live concerts.

Iam Tongi

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Iam Tongi Education, Wiki, Age, Biography, Early Life

Iam Tongi, also known as William Guy Tongi, is a budding music sensation who rose to prominence after appearing on the 21st season of American Idol. He was born on September 1, 2004, in Kahuku, Hawaii, in the United States of America, and will be 19 in 2023. Every year on September 1st, Tongi celebrates his birthday. William Guy Tongi is his given name. Tongi, according to accounts, attended Decatur High School.

Iam Tongi Family- Parents, Sibling

His father’s name was Rodney Guy Tongi, and he died on December 28, 2021, at the age of 50. Lillie N Rodney Tongi is Tongi’s mother’s name. He has two sisters, Cassandra Alvina Tongi and Leilei Tongi, as well as a brother, Lerod Tongi. Rodney Tongi, Iam Tongi’s father, was also a singer who encouraged his son’s musical ambitions. Tongi is the youngest of 12 siblings, including Nau, Pule, William, Vakameilalo, Eni, KJ, Verona, Manatau, Alopa, and Tevita. In addition, Tongi released a song called “Dreams” in 2020, which he created specifically for his sister’s wedding and was inspired by the love story of his sister and her now husband.

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Iam Tongi is a talented singer-songwriter and reality TV star who shot to notoriety in February 2023 when his audition video for American Idol Season 21 went viral. He began learning the ukulele in fifth grade and then moved on to the guitar, eventually becoming excellent in both instruments. Iam Tongi drove the judges to tears with his performance of James Blunt’s “Monsters” during his American Idol audition. He is a native of Kahuka, Hawaii, and has a strong passion for music, which he shares via his concerts as an homage to his late father.

In addition to his musical talent, Iam Tongi has gained popularity through social media, where he posts song covers on Instagram and TikTok. Clay Aiken, the runner-up on American Idol Season 2, has also coached him. Iam is focusing on his singing profession as well as the 2023 season of American Idol on ABC and Hulu.

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Iam Tongi Monster Chords

According to web search results, “Monsters” appears to be a song by Iam Tongi, with chords and lyrics available. Other lesson videos on YouTube show how to play the song on the guitar. Other musicians, such as James Blunt, may also release various versions or covers of the song.


  • His audition for American Idol Season 21 went viral and received millions of views, with his poignant cover of James Blunt’s “Monsters” reducing the judges to tears.
  • Tongi’s father, Rodney, was his inspiration for pursuing his musical love, but he died a few months before his American Idol audition.
  • Iam gained prominence after an outstanding audition on American Idol Season 21 in February 2023.
  • Tongi is well-known for his folk-indie love songs, which attract his listeners.
  • He is an accomplished guitarist and ukulele player.
  • He’s from Hawaii, and his audition on American Idol Season 21 made a big impression.

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