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Aziz Alasmar

Aziz Alasmar Biography, Wiki:- Aziz Alasmar was a TikToker, and social media personality. He was active on social media with the username yzn47 and has 240k fans on his account. Aziz was famous for his nickname Small Sheikh of Dubai.

He was known as the Small Sheikh of Dubai. His father and mother took special care of him and preferred to offer him everything without being asked. Furthermore, Alasmar’s father and mother constantly encouraged him to focus on his abilities and ignore what others thought of him.

Aziz Alasmar Death

According to his Saudi pal Aziz Asmar in a video clip that sparked a lot of conversation on social media, Aziz Alasmar, the famous YouTuber, died on Thursday.

Notably, Aziz, a YouTuber died as a result of failing health. He had developmental difficulties since infancy, and every treatment tried to help him failed. His health had recently deteriorated, necessitating his admission to the hospital. And Aziz Alasmar appeared in a film shot inside a hospital, where he had been receiving care for days owing to his disease and physical condition, which had progressed into his unavoidable fate and required intensive care.

Aziz Alasmar Biography, Date of Birth, Wiki, Net Worth, Death Cause

Name Aziz Alasmar
Profession Social Media Star
Birth Place Dubai
Date of Birth 1990 to 1991
Age 30 years old (Died)
Material status Unmarried
Wife Name Not Yet
Ethnicity Sheikh
Children Not Yet
Father Name Not known
Mother Name Unknown
Height 3 Feet
Weight 16 kg
Hair Color Black
Net Worth $1.5million
Category Wiki

Who is Aziz Alasmar

Aziz known as the Small Sheikh of Dubai, was 30 years old and was born in 1990 or 1991. He lived an ultra-luxury lifestyle. He was one of Dubai’s well-known figures. Aziz was a little TikToker. The word Aziz Alasmar gave birth to him. He followed the Islamic religion. Many individuals have been interested in demise. Aziz a Syrian-born man, passed dead. He battled a hormonal ailment that had hampered his physical development since birth.

Aziz Alasmar Biography, Age

Aziz, sometimes known as the Small Sheikh of Dubai, was born in 1990 or 1991 and was 30 years old at the time of their death. He was a well-known Dubai personality. Aziz was a little TikToker. Aziz Alasmar was his given name at birth. He was a follower of Islam.

Aziz Alasmar


Aziz is an influencer on social media. When asked about his former job, he stated that after finishing his degree, he worked for several private companies. He worked hard and completed several tasks. Aziz currently makes reels and has a significant social media following. He has also worked with several famous journals and businesses.

Aziz Alasmar’s Disease

Aziz stands only 3 feet tall, making him incredibly small. Many people began to look into his illness and impairment. Please be aware that short height can be caused by a variety of conditions, including malnutrition, hormone imbalances, achondroplasia, celiac disease, malabsorption difficulties, and many more.

Aziz Alasmar Early life, Parents

The Small Sheikh of Dubai is a popular nickname for him. His parents took special care of him and always wanted to offer him everything before he was asked. Alamar’s parents also continually urged him to focus on his ability rather than what others thought of him. His parent’s name is not disclosed yet. In addition, he has kept his siblings’ identities hidden from the public. In any case, he is of mixed heritage and fervently believes in Islam.

Aziz Alasmar Net Worth

Aziz worked social media influencer. According to the research we mentioned, Aziz is worth $1.5 million as of 2023. The above result is based on the final net value of his activities before his death. The estimated figure also includes his earnings from his primary career.

Aziz Alasmar Age

According to this year (2023), Aziz’s age is 30.

Aziz Alasmar Relationship Status, Wife

He has collaborated with some beautiful women, but he was not dating anyone and his marital status is single. He was very focused on his career.

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