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Anil Dujana History Wiki, Biography, Wife, Crimes:- Anil Dujana was a well-known gangster. He has been identified as a terrorizer in Noida, Ghaziabad, and other regions of the Delhi-National Capital Region. He was recently slain in Meerut after an encounter with the UP Police Special Task Force (STF). Anil was charged in over 60 criminal cases. He was only released from jail a week ago after being granted bail in a murder case.

According to authorities, he then began intimidating a key witness in the murder case filed against him. He then stated that he had chosen to murder the witness. This STF then went to arrest him. According to sources, Dujana and his gang confronted the police during the operation, resulting in an encounter that culminated in his death.

Anil Dujana History, Wiki, Wife, Age, Career, Net Worth, Biography

Name Anil Dujana
Birth Date 1980
Birthplace Utter Pradesh, India
By Profession Criminal
Age 40 year old
Religion Criminal
Education Graduate
Height 6.1’ Feet
Weight 94kg
Nationality Indian
Marital Status married
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Mother Name Not Known
Father Name N/A
Net Worth 1 million USD
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Who is Anil Dujana

Anil Dujana was an Uttar Pradesh gangster. He was doing violent crimes in India. Uttar Pradesh has the highest crime rate in India, and several gangsters have been caught in the act. For a long time, various gangs had been mentioned in the area, and Anil was a member of one of them. The criminal has recently been in the headlines when he was killed in an encounter with the Special Task Force.


According to the source, he was 40 years old at the time of his death. There is not much information about his date or age.

Anil Dujana

Anil Dujana Encounter, Death News

Anil Dujan was a gangster from Uttar Pradesh. He was just killed by state police in an incident on 04 May 2023, days after being released on bail in connection with a murder case. According to reports, the criminal from western Uttar Pradesh began threatening one of the primary witnesses to the murder as soon as he emerged. He was apprehended by UP’s special task team (STF), and his group gunned down the cops, murdering Dujana. According to the police, his encounter occurred in a Meerut village where he and his gang mates were hiding. He terrorized the residents of Noida and Ghaziabad. He first came to public attention in 2002 after killing a guy in Noida’s Sector 8 and collecting Rs 5.5 lakh from the victim. Since then, he has amassed a caseload of 62 cases, including 18 murders.

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Anil Dujana History

He was on the list of people with criminal history in Uttar Pradesh. Dujana was the subject of 62 complaints, in addition to 18 deaths, extortion, looting, land grabbing, and other offenses. The thug initially drew the attention of investigators after killing a man in Ghaziabad in 2002. He was charged with the murder of Harbir Singh Pehelwan in the Kavi Nagar area. He gained notoriety in the criminal underground by flashing an AK-47 at mobster Sundar Bhati. The killer seemed to have been involved in the violating act for quite some time.

Anil Dujana Biography, Wikipedia, History, Wiki

Anil Dujana was an Uttar Pradesh-based Indian gangster. He came to public attention after he and his team used an AK-47 weapon to attack Sundar Bhati and his close pals in 2012. The Dujana family and the Sundar Bhati gang had a long dispute, which prompted him to utilize the violator method to put a stop to it. After being arrested in 2012 in connection with a triple murder, the mobster began operating his criminal enterprise from behind bars. In Meerut, dreaded mobster Anil Dujana was killed in an encounter with the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF). The murderer was given bail and released in 2021.

Following his failure to appear in previous cases, a judge issues a non-bailable warrant for his arrest. According to accounts, the killer also had a brother who was killed in retribution by Sundar Bhati. In May 2023, the criminal was murdered in a shootout with the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) near Meerut.

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Anil Dujana’s Wife

He’s a married man. After being given bail in 2021, Anil Dujana married Pooja, a resident of Baghpat in western Uttar Pradesh. The gangster arrived in court for a hearing, where the engagement occurred. Pooja was planning to run for office in Ward 2 in 2021, according to the late gangster’s lawyer. However, there isn’t much information about their relationship on the internet. Furthermore, the family members have yet to appear in front of the media following the news of the criminal’s death.

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Net worth

His Net Worth is more than 1 million USD.

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