Abby Choi Biography, Husband, Age, Parents, Wiki, Death, Career

Abby Choi Biography, Wiki:- Abby Choi was a popular Chinese social media influencer and model. She’s been in the news recently since she was brutally killed. She lived in Hong Kong. Choi has worked with well-known people such as Celia Kritharioti and Vogue China.

She was just 28 years old at the time of her death. It is unclear when she divorced Alex Kwong, whose parents and brother are now entangled in police investigations into her heinous murder. Choi married Kwong when she was approximately 18 and had two children with him, who are now supposedly eight and ten years old.

Abby Choi Wiki, Husband, Age,  Parents, Death, Biography, Career

Name Abby Choi
Profession Model, Social Media Influencer
Age 28 years (Died)
Birth Date 11 July 1994
Birth Place Hong Kong, China
Material status Married
Husband Name Alex Kwong
Religion Bodhi
Father Name Not known
Mother Name Not known
Height 5 Feet 8 Inch
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Net Worth $10million to $15million
Category Wiki

Who  is Abby Choi

 Abby Choi was a Hong Kong model. She found died on February 24th, 2023. Her decapitated body was found in a country house in Tai Po, Hong Kong. Choi’s dismembered body pieces were cooked and stored in a refrigerator. Her body parts were disposed of due to a financial disagreement with her ex-husband’s family

Abby Choi Death

The death of female model Abby Choi was announced in the Hong Kong press on February 24, 2023. Three days following her disappearance, police confirmed that she had been killed. Abby Choi’s dismembered body was discovered at Longwei Village, Taipo (Hong Kong). According to authorities, the perpetrator dismembered Abby and stored her in a refrigerator. According to the police, three people have been detained, including her ex-husband and brother. They’re also hunting for Alex Kwong (Abby Choi’s ex-husband) on suspicion of murder. The authorities suspect that the sad occurrence resulted from a dispute over HKD 100 million, or $12.7 million.

Abby Choi

Abby Choi Husband

Abby Choi’s material status was divorced. Her ex-husband name is Alex Kwong is the man she married. Regrettably, they divorced. There is no information available on when or where they married. She continued to financially assist her ex-family husbands because they did not have secure jobs.  Abby and her ex-husband Alex Kwong recently fought frequently because she believed she was being robbed of money. Alex Kwong, her ex-husband, refuses to work and relies only on Abby Choi’s allowance.

 Abby Choi Career

Abby was a fashion star, model, and social media celebrity who had established herself as one of the industry’s most sought-after influencers. She appeared on the cover of the fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine L’Officiel Monaco, looking stunning in a nude-colored gown. Abby’s passion for fashion leads her on excursions and trips all around the world. She was a frequent visitor to the Paris Fashion Week. Choi discusses her experiences with her social media followers before her death. She was often the focus of attention, thanks to her distinct sense of style and contagious enthusiasm. She has appeared in a variety of famous magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and Elle.

Abby Choi Family

Abby was born in 1994 in Hong Kong to a Chinese family. She was a secretive lady who had never revealed anything about her parents or siblings. The names of Choi’s father and mother are unknown. About her siblings, it is unclear whether she had a brother or sister.

Who killed Abbey Choi and Why

The death of Abby was linked to a dispute involving millions of Hong Kong dollars between her, her ex-husband Alex Kwong, and his family. Just before her death, she was featured on the cover of L’Officiel Monaco magazine. Choi vanished on Tuesday and was last seen in the Tai Po district, where she was subsequently located, according to investigators. As she had been missing since Tuesday, the police were alerted of her absence the following day. According to the SCMP, a city-wide manhunt for her husband was launched, and his relatives were apprehended immediately. Her dismembered remains were recovered in soup pots at a house in the countryside near Hong Kong. According to the detectives’ descriptions of the house, there looked to be a full-fledged human massacre going on.

Abby Choi’s Net worth

Abby was a well-known fashion icon, model, and social media influencer.  Her net worth was 10 to 15 million at the time of her death.

Abby Choi’s Social Media Handle

She keeps herself updated on social media. Huge people connected with her on the Internet.




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