Zoleka Mandela Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Husband, Children, Ethnicity, Death Cause

Zoleka MandelaZoleka Mandela Biography, Age, Parents, Death, Wiki, Net Worth:- Zoleka Mandela is a South African novelist and activist who is the granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, the late anti-apartheid leader and former president. It was simple for her to navigate the world of South African activism, which she coupled with literature because she was born into a prominent name. Despite being born into a prominent family, Zoleka’s childhood was not flawless, as she fought with addiction early on, which she chronicled in her book to offer others a sense of direction and purpose.

In 2011, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and began treatment. But cancer would strike five years later, in 2016, shattering her hopes. Her cancer has now been declared terminal, and Zoleka has come to terms with the grim truth that she may not survive to old age. According to what she has been posting on social media, she is now meticulously planning for her death.

Zoleka Mandela Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Husband, Children, Ethnicity, Death

Name Zoleka Mandela
Date of Birth April 9, 1980
Age 43 Year Old (Died)
Profession Activist, Auther
Birth Place South Africa
Material status Divorced
Husband Name Thierry Bashala
Nationality South African
Father Name Zwelibanzi Hlongwane
Mother Name Zindzi Mandela
Religion Christian
Weight 55 kg
Height 5.6″ Feet
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Net Worth $1 million

Who Was Zoleka Mandela?

Zoleka Mandela was a South African activist and writer. She is best known as Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter. In 2013, she released her memoirs. She wrote about her addictions, her daughter’s loss, and her breast cancer battle. She has currently in the news since she died on September 25, 2023, after a long fight with cancer.

Zoleka Mandela

Zoleka Mandela Age, Childhood, Wiki

Zoleka Mandela was born in South Africa on April 9, 1980. She died when she was 43 years old. Her astrological sign was Aries. Her educational history and qualifications are being investigated. She has spoken about her childhood sexual assault. For a period, she was also addicted to narcotics and alcohol.

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Zoleka Mandela’s Parents- Father, Mother

Zindzi Mandela (Mother) and Zwelibanzi Hlongwane (Father) raised Zoleka Mandela. The Mandelas, her mother’s line, are direct descendants of Thembu King Madiba and serve as chieftains of Mvezo, their ancient chiefdom.  Zoleka Mandela was born in South Africa, the daughter of anti-apartheid activists and politicians Nelson Mandela and Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Zondwa Mandela, Bambatha Mandela, and Zwelabo Mandela are her siblings’ names.


In 2015, she created her foundation. Her breast cancer experience, her daughter’s loss in a car accident, and her life’s journey were the key motivators for establishing the foundation. The foundation’s major goal was to socially elevate others. Its goal is to teach others about social duties, driving safety, and breast cancer. It also helps young people with concerns such as accountability, volunteerism, and personal growth. She was named one of the BBC’s “100 Women” in 2016. Her main regret was that she thought she had only done significant things after her grandfather died, not while he was living.

She fought against road mortality, highlighting the unique dangers that face Sub-Saharan African children, who are twice as likely as children everywhere else in the world to be killed in a car accident.

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Zoleka Mandela Husband

Most people who decide to marry want the best for themselves: permanence in a partnership that emanates love, peace, and all the beautiful things life has to offer. Of course, not everyone gets what they want or expect. ZOleka fits into this group because she was once married (to Thierry Bashala), but the marriage dissolved years later. In an Instagram post on her failed marriage, she mentioned how it had harmed her mental health, self-esteem, and independence. It’s unclear whether Zoleka currently has a boyfriend or who he might be.

Zoleka Mandela Children

Zoleka Mandela had four children at the time. She tragically lost two of them years ago. In an accident, one of her children did. It was a horrific incident that inspired her to launch an endeavor to raise awareness about road safety and usage.

Death Cause

Zoleka Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter, died after a valiant battle with metastatic cancer. Her situation had worsened by the time she was admitted to the hospital on September 18th, with the cancer spreading to numerous places in her body. Zoleka kept her followers up to speed on her health, revealing her struggles and her optimism. She was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2022 and has been an inspiration to many people during her struggle. Her death has had a profound impact on fans and the South African community, who remember her fortitude and spirit.

Net Worth

Net wealth is understandably unimportant to someone who is dying or is already preparing to die. Life is ultimate, and when it looks to be vanishing before one’s eyes, a lot loses its significance and attractiveness. Regardless, Zoleka’s net worth is projected to exceed $1 million.

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