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Toru DuttToru Dutt Biography, Wiki, Age, Career:- Toru Dutt was an Indian poet who was born in the Bengal province to the well-known Rambagan Dutt family in 1856. Toru belonged to a writer’s household as the youngest child of Govin Chandra Dutt and Kshetramoni Mitter. Her father, Govind Chunder Dutt, was a linguist who also wrote poetry and worked for the Government of India. Dutt’s mother, Kshetramoni Mitter, was a Hindu mythology enthusiast who translated the book The Blood of Christ into Bengali. Her father’s government job required the family to travel regularly.

Her family converted to Christianity and was baptized in 1862. Toru was just six years old at the time, and this was a significant moment in her life. Though she was a faithful Christian her entire life, the Hindu system of belief never lost its luster in her eyes, and its influence can be observed in the majority of her works. Toru Dutt’s family relocated to Mumbai for a year after experiencing social rejection and isolation as a result of their conversion to Christianity. Toru’s brother Abju died of consumption upon their return to Calcutta in 1864.

Toru Dutt Biography, Age, Wiki, Parents, Husband, Early Life, Career

Name Toru Dutt
Date of Birth March 4, 1856
Age 21 Year old Died
Profession Poet
Birth Place Calcutta, West Bengal, British India
Material status Single
Boyfriend Name Not known
Nationality Indian
Father Name Govind Chandra Dutt
Mother Name Kshetramoni Dutt
Religion Hindu (By Birth)


Weight 54 kg(Approx)
Height 5’-6″ Feet(Approx)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Net Worth NA

Who is Toru Dutt

Toru Dutt was a British Indian Bengali translator and poet who worked in English and French. Along with Henry Louis Vivian Derozio, Manmohan Ghose, and Sarojini Naidu, she is regarded as a foundational figure of Indo-Anglian literature. She is most known for her English poetry collections, Sita, A Sheaf Gleaned in French Fields, and Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustan, as well as her French novel, Le Journal de Mademoiselle d’Arvers. Her poetry is about loneliness, longing, patriotism, and nostalgia. Dutt died when he was 21 years old.

Toru Dutt

Toru Dutt Age, Education, Wiki

Toru Dutt was born on March 4, 1856, in Calcutta to a Bengali family that had converted to Christianity. She died on August 30, 1877, at the age of 21. Dutt was educated at home by her father and an Indian Christian teacher named Babu Shib Chunder Banerjee, who taught her French, English, and, finally, Sanskrit, in addition to her original tongue, Bengali. During this period, she memorized John Milton’s epic work of Christian allegory Paradise Lost. Her mother also told her legends about ancient India.

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Toru Dutt Early Life, Family, Biography, Wikipedia

Govind Chandra Dutt was her father, and Kshetramoni Dutt was her mother, both from the Rambagan Dutt family. The Dutts were among the first families in Calcutta to be strongly influenced by the presence of Christian missionaries. Toru Dutt’s grandfather, Rasamay Dutt, and his father were both key members of the colonial government. Romesh Chandra Dutt, her cousin, was also a writer and Indian public officer. When Dutt was six years old, his father turned to Christianity. Her mother originally opposed conversion but eventually converted to Christianity.  Dutt’s parents also published writing: her father produced poetry, while her mother translated a religious book into Bengali. Toru was the youngest of three children, following sister Aru and brother Abju. She and her siblings spent the majority of their youth in Calcutta, alternating between a city house and a garden house in the Baugmaree suburbs.


Toru Dutt was an innate linguist. In her brief life, she learned Bengali, English, French, and, subsequently, Sanskrit. She left behind a substantial body of literature and poetry. Her two unfinished books, Bianca or The Young Spanish Maiden in English and Le Journal de Mademoiselle d’Arvers in French, were set outside of India and starred non-Indian characters. Her poetry appears in A Sheaf Gleaned in French Fields, a collection of English translations of French poetry, and Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustan, a collection of Sanskrit translations and adaptations.

In 1876, A Sheaf Gleaned in French Fields was published without a preface or an introduction. Dutt translated all 165 poems from French into English, except one poem written by her, “A Mon Père,” and eight poems translated by her sister. The collection received little attention at first, but it ultimately caught the attention of Edmund Gosse in 1877, who reviewed it highly in the Examiner that year. Sheaf saw a second Indian edition in 1878 and a third edition by Kegan Paul in London in 1880, but Dutt did not live to see either. The second edition included 44 new poems, a photograph of Toru and her sister, and an introduction written by their father.

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Toru Dutt Husband

Her material status was unmarried. According to her Wikipedia page, she did not marry.


She died on 30 August 1877 in Calcutta, Bengal, British India. Toru was an overachiever according to her age. She was 21 years old at the death time. Currently, she resting at Maniktalla Christian Cemetery (Kolkata).

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