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Teresa Fidalgo Biography

Teresa Fidalgo is a fictional character in a Portuguese film whose video has gone viral around the world. According to the viral story, Santra was killed in a car accident in Portugal in 1983. Then Teresa Fidalgo started scaring people by sending messages on social media platforms. The shot video went viral in Portugal in year of 2003. Then, it turns out it’s part of a horror or ghost movie. The Fidalgo is a fictional character in a movie.

Teresa Fidalgo Biography, Wiki, Age,

The story of the film is becoming viral everywhere on social platforms. Teresa May died in Portugal in 1983. At that time he was only 37 years old. In this short click, Teresa is a hatch hiker who dies while flying down the road side. It is about a girl who dies in a story in a short film by the David Rebordo called A ‘Curve’ (Released in 2003).

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Teresa Fidalgo Viral Story

She nodded, and at his request she got into the car. The boys were gossiping that suddenly he pointed to a place saying that there was an accident which took his life. The boys turned their faces in front of the ghost girl, her face covered in blood and she was involved in a car accident.

Teresa Fidalgo

What is Teresa Fidelgo’s Reality?

Teresa Fidalgo is not a ghost, but a fictional character in a Portuguese short movie called short Curve, which means that the clicp was not fake, but the viral story was fake. Before the release of the film, a short video clip went viral and posed a threat to the residents of Portugal (2004).

Teresa Fidalgo Viral Messages on Social Media

If you read its Teresa Fidalgo Biography, then you should also know some facts about it. Right after the clip, a message also starts sending people to their WhatsApp, email, Instagram, and Facebook. In the message that is going viral, it has been told that if you do not send this message to 20 people, then very bad will happen to you. If this message is prevented from being forwarded, then big problems can come on the person who stops it. As if he or someone in his family may die. However, we would say that all these things are rubbish. And you should not believe these things at all. Our purpose was only to tell you some facts about Teresa Fidalgo Biography.