Talissa Smalley Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Height, Mom, Boyfriend

Talissa SmalleyTalissa Smalley Wikipedia, Bio, Height, Age, Career, Net Worth: Talissa Smalley is an American social media phenomenon who lives in Los Angeles. She’s well-known for her compelling presence on TikTok and Instagram (@talissasmalley_), where she has a large following. She is well-known not just as the daughter of comedian David C. Smalley, but also as a regular on the video podcast “Daughter Issues”. Talissa just joined OnlyFans, a subscription-based website that allows her to offer unique material. Like many other artists on the platform, she has published some sexual content there.

However, an incident occurred when a video from her OnlyFans account was hacked and shared on numerous websites, causing this blue-eyed celebrity to trend on the internet.

Talissa Smalley Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Height, Mom, Boyfriend

Name Talissa Smalley
Age 20 Year Old
Birth Date June 25, 2004
Birth Place United States of America
Material status Married
Boyfriend Name Zoe Rex
Nationality American
Father Name David C. Smalley
Mother Name Brandy Madden
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5 Feet 6 Inches(Approx)
Weight 58  kg(Approx)
Net Worth $2 million

Who is Talissa Smalley

Talissa Smalley TikTok celebrity, has more than 1.4 million followers on her account @talissa.smalley. She is recognized for posting vlogs, podcast snippets, and comedic stuff. She and her father, David C. Smalley, host the podcast Daughter Issues, in which they discuss and express their perspectives on a variety of issues. Her father is also a comedian and TikTok celebrity, having over 600,000 followers on his account.

Talissa Smalley

Talissa Smalley Age, Early Life, Education, Wiki, Bio, Mom, Father

Talissa Smalley was born on June 25, 2004 (age 20 as of 2024) in the United States. She had a younger brother, Brayden, who died earlier. Her mother, Brandy Madden, is also active on social media. She grew up in a caring and supportive family, and she frequently shows thanks to them. Talissa has always had an interest in entertainment and media. She shared her debut TikTok video in June 2019 and has been consistently making material since then. Talissa likes making others laugh and smile, and her sense of humor is both funny and sardonic. She enjoys sharing her views and experiences with her audience, and she is not scared to be herself.


Talissa Smalley’s TikTok account is renowned for her podcast, Daughter Issues, which she co-hosts with her father, David C. Smalley. The podcast is a funny and open talk between a father and his daughter, who have opposing views and ideas on several matters. They discuss topics ranging from politics and religion to relationships and social media. They also invite visitors and field questions from their audience. The podcast is accessible on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube. David C. Smalley, Talissa’s father, is a comedian and former radio personality. He is also an agnostic and skeptic who promotes critical thinking and secular humanism.

He has published multiple books and essays about these subjects, and he has appeared on several shows and podcasts. David is also a TikTok celebrity, posting comedic skits, pranks, and challenges under the handle @davidcsmalley. He frequently collaborates with his daughter, and they have an amusing and endearing connection. Her remarkable looks drew people’s attention, and she swiftly gained fans across many social media sites. The original and interesting “Daughter Issues” video podcast she created with her father provided a significant boost. The podcast resonated with listeners, increasing her prominence. Talissa grew further by posting short, entertaining videos on TikTok, where she gained millions of fans.

She now has over 1.5 million followers on TikTok and over 151k on Instagram. She has also delved into OnlyFans, where her subscription-based work has been highly popular.

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Talissa Smalley Boyfriend

Talissa, who has captured many hearts with her stunning blue eyes, is currently in a serious relationship. According to accounts, she is dating Zoe Rex, a TikTok sensation and musician. Smalley met Zoe through a mutual acquaintance in October 2022, and they began dating. They just celebrated their first anniversary, and Talissa expressed gratitude to Rex for her achievements on social media. Their bond is becoming stronger over time.

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Net Worth

Her net worth is more than $2 million.

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