Steve Cartisano Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Daughter

Steve CartisanoSteve Cartisano Wikipedia, Biography, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Age, Career: Steve Cartisano, a pioneer in wilderness treatment, is noted for his unusual methods and the ups and downs of the Challenger Foundation, which have left an indelible mark on the industry. His story is chronicled in the new Netflix documentary “Hell Camp,” which follows him from a military special forces commander to the founder of a well-known but contentious outdoor rehabilitation camp.

Aside from the legal and moral issues raised by the Challenger Foundation, the story dives into Cartisano’s personal life, giving light to his family. The tale not only tackles the controversy surrounding Cartisano but also delves into the larger implications of his job decisions on his closest connections. It depicts him as a complicated character whose legacy goes beyond his professional pursuits, making an indelible impression on everyone who comes into contact with it.

Steve Cartisano Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Daughter

Name Steve Cartisano
Age 63 Year Old (Passed Away)
Birth Date August 15, 1955
Birth Place Modesto, California, America
Material status Unmarried
Wife Name Deborah Lee Carr
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Father Name Anthony Cartisano
Mother Name Bonnie Lou Coley
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black & White
Height 5 Feet 11 Inches(Approx)
Weight 79 kg(Approx)
Net Worth NA

Who is Steve Cartisano

Steve Cartisano founded the Challenger Foundation, which used outdoor therapy to treat disturbed teenagers. His legacy, however, was cut short when he died on May 4, 2019. His death was caused by cardiac arrest, although he was also suffering from colon cancer at the time.

Steve Cartisano

Steve Cartisano Age, Early Life, Biography, Wiki, Education

Steve Cartisano, a retired Air Force instructor and military special forces officer from Modesto, California, was born on August 15, 1955. He was born to Bonnie Lou Coley and Anthony Cartisano and was first placed for adoption before being adopted by another couple when he was around two years old. His early years were marred by insecurity and difficulties. His birth mother battled heroin addiction and spent time in prison, while his father had a volatile temper and used violent tactics to deal with difficulties. After struggling in junior high and high school, Steve decided to choose a new path after graduation.


Steve Cartisano began his career in the 1980s when he established the Challenger Foundation. Through outdoor treatment, the nonprofit hoped to assist disturbed teenagers. The program included controversial techniques such as “tough love” and “boot camp” discipline. The foundation became well-known for its aggressive and sometimes hazardous techniques. Despite the uproar, the Challenger Foundation operated for many years. It received national prominence in 1993 after a group of teenagers perished in a hiking accident while participating in one of its programs. The incident called into question the foundation’s methodology and policies.

Steve Cartisano’s career has been defined by both scandal and success. While the Challenger Foundation’s tactics were questioned, it did help many troubled youths turn their lives around. Cartisano’s work with the charity “left an impression on those who crossed paths with it,” according to Cartisano was active in various projects in addition to his work with the Challenger Foundation. He was a successful entrepreneur who started multiple businesses, including a construction firm and a real estate development firm. Overall, Steve Cartisano’s life was filled with both scandal and success. While his tactics were sometimes criticized, he also assisted many problematic teenagers in turning their lives around. His legacy is still being contested today.

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Steve Cartisano Parents

His Parent’s names are Bonnie Lou Coley and Anthony Cartisano. His sibling details are not known.

Steve Cartisano’s Wife, Daughter

Steve Cartisano married Deborah Lee Carr on December 15, 1978. They were the parents of four children and two grandkids.

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Steve Cartisano Death

Steve Cartisano, a former military special forces officer and the founder of the Challenger Foundation died on May 4, 2019, at the age of 63. He had been suffering from stage four colon cancer for six or seven years before his death, according to The source. Cartisano died in his home in Durant, Oklahoma, surrounded by his family. His death was said to be unexpected since he died of a heart attack.

Net Worth

His net worth is not known.

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