Small Laude Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Siblings, Children

Small LaudeSmall Laude Wikipedia, Career, Biography, Age, Height, Family: Small Laude is a well-known Filipino socialite, business owner, and vlogger from the Philippines. Vlogging and capturing your lifestyle and generating content from it is the most popular in our current day when talents and companies are flourishing through multiple social media platforms. Vlogging has become a popular hobby and vocation for people from all walks of life. In this essay, we will discuss one such person who is well-known for her work as a Vlogger. Small, who was born and raised in a wealthy household, has always desired to achieve something on her own and spread her name and personality over the world.

Despite having a luxury lifestyle, celebrity connections, and multi-million dollar residences, the creative lady chose to start vlogging as a method to display her ability. Small Laude is extremely active on her self-branded YouTube channel, which has garnered 159+ K followers as of June 2021 by capturing her daily routine and leisure films.

Small Laude Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Siblings, Children

Name Small Laude
Date of Birth 17th June, 1968
 Age 56  year old (2024)
Birth Place Philippines
Material status Married
Husband Name Philip Laude
Nationality Philippines
Father Name Andres Eduardo
Mother Name Elisa G. Eduardo
Religion Christian
Weight 56  Kg
Height 5. 5 Feet
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Net Worth $5 million

Who is Small Laude?

Small Laude is a prominent visual content artist from the Philippines. She is well-known for her YouTube video material. She has done a lot of incredible and exceptional work throughout her career. Laude is most recognized for consistently producing excellent video material on YouTube. She has won the hearts of countless people simply via her YouTube videos. Small Laude is a successful entrepreneur and provider of digital content. She hails from a wealthy family.  She is also the wife of Rob Minkoff, a well-known producer and director. Let’s take a look at some intriguing facts about Small Laude first.

Small Laude

Small Laude Age, Early Life, Wikipedia, Education, Biography

Small Laude was born in the Philippines on the 17th of June, 1968. She is 56 years old right now. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her father’s name is Andres Eduardo, and her mother’s name is Elisa G. Eduardo. Melba Eduardo, Alice Eduardo, and Alice Eduardo are her sisters. Small Laude finished her primary school education in an unconfirmed school. She also attended a private university for her tertiary degree.


Small documents her daily life on YouTube and Instagram. She has never considered being a vlogger before. She also married an entrepreneur and was born into an affluent household. As a result, she used to assist her husband at work. In an interview, she stated that she regularly contemplates her choices other than assisting her husband at work. Small then informed her close friend Karen Davila about the issue. Karen said, “Why won’t she try it?” when Small inquired about vlogging. Laude chose to videotape her vacation to the United States since the notion captivated her. She filmed everything there, and it was edited by a second party. Small was so pleased with the outcome that he felt obligated to tell others about it.

This launched Small’s career as a YouTuber. Small created a YouTube account under her name on February 5, 2013, but it wasn’t until August 17, 2019, that she rose to prominence with her viral video, “My 1st Ever Vlog Day 1 in Los Angeles,” which has 0.19 million views and 0.15 million subscribers as of June 2021.

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Small Laude Husband, Children

Small is blissfully married to a YouTuber and businessman who goes by the moniker Philip Laude. Rob Minkoff, a prominent and professional director and producer, was formerly Small Laude’s lover. Small Laude has also disclosed all of her children’s names: Christopher Laude, Michael Laude, Timothy Laude, and Allison Laude.

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Net Worth

Laude’s net worth is now estimated to be $5 million. She made the most of her money through her business enterprises.

Some Important Facts

  • In May 2021, Laude won a Silver Play Button on YouTube.
  • Ugo Bigyan’s Pottery was where the YouTuber took pottery courses.
  • Small has appeared in various publications, including Metro Society and Stargate People Asia, as a woman of Style and Substance in 2019.
  • According to her son Timothy, “No matter what she will always be in the best mood and of course has the biggest smile among everyone.”
  • She is a party animal and a shopaholic, and she is frequently seen partying, enjoying herself, and shopping with her friends and family.
  •  Laude doesn’t know how to cook, but as a mother, she taught herself how to make Japanese food for her son Timothy.
  • Small, the online sensation, cannot exist without wi-fi.
  • Laude follows her own set of rules and avoids criticism and hatred. She feels that one should dress for oneself rather than for others.

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