Shubhankar Mishra Biography, Wiki, Age, Career, Girlfriend

Shubhankar Mishra BiographyShubhankar Mishra Biography, Age, Wiki, Net Worth:- Shubhankar Mishra is a Tv9 Bharatvarsh news anchor and journalist. He got a lot of social media fame and following by filming short comedies and Shayari videos. Shubhankar began his career on TikTok in 2020 by reacting to comedic videos, and he quickly got popular due to his charisma and hot appearance. He began posting Instagram reel videos after the band on TikTok, and he now has millions of followers on Instagram.

Many major Indian news outlets, including OutlookIndia, DNAindia, and ThePrint, reported his success story. He is one of India’s most followed news anchors on social media, making him a social media celebrity.

Shubhankar Mishra Biography, Wiki, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family

Name Shubhankar Mishra
Age 32 Year Old
Occupation News Anchor
Date of Birth September 12, 1991
Birth Place Gonda, Jhanjhari, Uttar Pradesh
Height 6 feet0 Inch
Weight 74 kg
Sibling Not known
Girlfriend Name Poornima Mishra
Nationality India
Father Name Rajveer Mishra
Mother Name Jhanvi Mishra
Net Worth 1 USD million (Estimate)
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Who is Shubhankar Mishra

Mishra is a well-known news anchor, journalist, content creator, and social media influencer. He is a well-known Journalist that hosts Primetime Entertainment news broadcasts. As a news anchor, she joined TV9 Bharatvarsh. Other than that, he posts Shayri and hilarious videos on social media. He began his social media experience by posting TikTok videos. Once TikTok was prohibited by the Indian government, he changed his focus to YouTube short videos and creates some incredible Instagram reels.

Shubhankar Mishra Early Life, Education, Age, Wiki

Shubhankar Mishra was born on September 12, 1991, in the Gonda hamlet of Jhanjhari, Uttar Pradesh (India). His age is 32 years old. Shubhankar Mishra excelled in school when he was a toddler. Even as a child, Shubhankar Mishra was incredibly attractive. Shubhankar’s early schooling was completed by the Delhi Government. After that, he studied B.E Engineering but quit because his focus was not on engineering, and went on to study for (B.A in journalism and mass communication) at Delhi University, where he is now the best News Anchor.

Shubhankar Mishra

Shubhankar Mishra Wikipedia

Mishra is a news anchor from India. He is currently a news anchor for the TV news channel Aaj Tak. Mishra, Shubhankar English biography – Shubhankar Mishra is a journalist as well as a social media influencer. Shubhankar began his career with tv9 Bharatvarsh (news channel). He has also previously served as a news anchor for India News. The most crucial reporting comes from “Tiger Hills,” the site of the Kargil war.


Shubhankarclaimed that he got into engineering because of his father, but he had always wanted to be a journalist. He opted to follow his passion for journalism with the agreement of his parents. From 2015 to 2017, he worked as a News Anchor for India News, according to his LinkedIn profile. In addition, he has worked for several well-known channels, including Zee Media, TV9 Network, and others. He is an anchor for the news stations India Today and Aaj Tak. He can work 18 hours a day because he never gets tired of working and giving the public accurate information. His work is usually appreciated by his colleagues and others.

Shubhankar Mishra Girlfriend

He is not married yet. He is dating TV anchor Poornima Mishra for a very long time and got married soon.

Shubhankar Mishra Family

Mishra was born in the Uttar Pradesh town of Gonda. He and his family have recently moved into a property in Noida. His astrological sign is Aries. He is from a middle-class Brahmin family. Rajveer Mishra is his father’s name. He works in business. Jhanvi Mishra is his mother’s name, and she is a housewife. He has no brothers or sisters.

Net Worth

He is a news anchor and tuber and his Net worth is approximately 1 million USD


  • Shubhankar has a cute pet dog at home.
  • He excels at the debate, storytelling, breaking news, and other areas.
  • Shubhankar Mishra adores animals.
  • Shubhankar adores animals.
  • Shubhankar Mishra has covered more than 15 states on the ground.
  • He is a religious man who always worships Lord Ganesha.
  • Mishra is usually spending time with his colleague.
  • In his leisure time, he enjoys making Instagram reels.

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He is a famous personality and he has a large fan following who search about him on Google.  Shubhankar Mishra’s Biography is covered in this article.