Shalini Unnikrishnan Wikipedia, Husband, Biography, Real Name

<yoastmark class=Shalini Unnikrishnan Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Husband:- Shalini Unnikrishnan’s real-life inspiration for the character of the same name in the Bollywood film “The Kerala Story” is Shalini Unnikrishnan. She was a Hindu nurse from Kerala who was persuaded to join the terrorist organization ISIS before being captured and imprisoned in Afghanistan. The narrative of Nimisha alias Fathima Isa, one of four women from Kerala who joined ISIS and traveled to fight against US forces in Afghanistan’s Khorasan Province, inspired the role of Shalini Unnikrishnan in the film.

Due to its premise on the conspiracy idea of “love jihad” and its representation of Muslims, the film “The Kerala Story” has stirred controversy. However, Adah Sharma, who plays Shalini Unnikrishnan in the film, has stated that her character was an innocent girl who became entangled in the web of terrorism.

Shalini Unnikrishnan Real Name, Biography

Nimisha Sambat, Shalini Unnikrishnan’s real name, is from Attingal, Kerala. She changed her name to Fathima after converting to Islam. In 2016, she and her husband Bexin Vincent alias Eesa, were apprehended while preparing to flee the country to join ISIS.

Where is Shalini Unnikrishnan now?

Shalini Unnikrishnan is based on the true story of Nimisha Alias Fathima Isa, one of four females who fled to Afghanistan and ultimately joined ISIS for the struggle against US forces in ISIS-controlled Khorasan Province. Sonia Sebastian as Ayisha, Merrin Jacob as Mariyam, and Raffaela was later recognized as being with Fathima Isa. The film also features Rameez, Shalini Unnikrishnan’s real-life college boyfriend, and Adah Sharma’s role in “The Kerala Story.” Rameez marries Shalini and then abandons her. Shalini is later married to an ISIS terrorist by a local cleric. Nimisha is being held in Afghanistan after her husband, an ISIS terrorist, was killed in an attack, according to the source

Shalini Unnikrishnan Wikipedia, Husband, Age, Biography, Real Name

Name Shalini Unnikrishnan
Date of Birth N/A
Age N/A
Birth Place Kerala, Indian
Material status Married
Husband Name Bexin Vincent alias Eesa
Father Name N/a
Mother Name Not Known
Nationality Indian
Height 5’5 Feet (Approx)
Weight 56 Kg(Approx)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Net Worth Not Known
Category Wiki

Who played Shalini Unnikrishnan in the Kerala Story?

Adah Sharma starred in the film “The Kerala Story” as Shalini Unnikrishnan. In several interviews, Adah Sharma stated that the narrative of Nimisha Sampath, on which the principal character Shalini Unnikrishnan is based, scared her and that the part scarred her for life. The trailer begins with a scenic view of Kerala and introduces Shalini Unnikrishnan, the principal character performed by Adah Sharma.

The film then shows images of Shalini’s Hindu family before stating that cops interviewed her because she worked as an ISIS terrorist. “Rather than…” Shalini says to the cops. Shalini falls in love with a Muslim lad, converts to Islam, and marries him in the film. Her husband sends her to Syria, where she becomes involved in ISIS’s terrorist activities. Adah Sharma felt terrified while playing Shalini in the film. Sudipto Sen directs and Vipul Amrutlal Shah produces The Kerala Story, a 2023 Indian Hindi-language drama film. Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, and Siddhi Idnani star.

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Shalini Unnikrishnan Early Life, Education

Shalini was born and raised in the Indian state of Kerala. However, no information on her date of birth, family history, or schooling is accessible. After studying the offered web search results, it is not possible to determine Unnikrishnan’s current age, who is said to be the true victim of The Kerala Story. The film’s Shalini Unnikrishnan character is partially based on the life of Nimisha alias Fathima Isa, one of four Kerala women who traveled to Afghanistan to join ISIS. Some news outlets, however, claim that the character’s name was changed for the film.

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Shalini Husband Name

Unnikrishnan’s biography is unknown, save for her name and alleged role in the events shown in the film “The Kerala Story.” According to some reference, her husband name is Bexin Vincent alias Eesa.


  • Shalini Unnikrishnan is a fictitious character in the film “The Kerala Story” played by Adah Sharma.
  • Shalini is based on the true-life narrative of Nimisha Alias Fathima Isa.
  • Nimisha Alias Fathima Isa was an Indian BDS student who went missing from her college in November 2015.
  • Nimisha Alias Fathima Isa and three other girls fled to Afghanistan, where they later joined ISIS in their fight against US forces in ISIS-controlled Khorasan Province.
  • Nimisha Alias Fathima Isa was asked to join ISIS for the struggle against US soldiers in ISIS-controlled Khorasan Province between 2016 and 2018.
  • In 2016, Nimisha Alias Fathima Isa gave birth to a girl named Ummu Kulusu while fleeing Afghanistan.
  • The film “The Kerala Story” got mixed reviews, with some criticizing its lack of focus and passion.

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Shalini Unnikrishnan’s personal and professional lives remain unknown, with no information available. While the character named after her in the film “The Kerala Story” has sparked debate, it is crucial to stress that the events featured in the film are purely fictitious and not based on any real-life events. Here we mention Shalini Unnikrishnan Wikipedia.