Seath Jackson Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Death, Parents, Net Worth

Seath JacksonSeath Jackson Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Family, Death, Net Worth: Seath Jackson was a 15-year-old child with a promising future. He was a kind-hearted youngster who enjoyed animals, four-wheeling, and socializing with his peers. He aspired to become a UFC fighter one day. However, a gang of his cronies planned and executed his murder in a remote caravan in Florida, taking his life in a gruesome manner. The startling case of Jackson’s murder reveals the dark side of teen drama, including jealousy and violence.

Seath Jackson Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Death, Parents, Net Worth

Name Seath Jackson
Age 15 year old (Death)
Birth Date February 3, 1996
Birth Place Bellevue, Florida
Material status Unmarried
Girlfriend Name Amber Wright
Nationality American
Father Name Scott
Mother Name Sonia Jackson
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight 56 kg
Net Worth $100K

Who is Seath Jackson

Seath Jackson was a young guy who made news in 2011 when he died tragically and unexpectedly at the age of 15. While most media coverage of Jackson has focused on his terrible death, his connection with him has attracted a lot of attention.

Seath Jackson

Seath Jackson Age, Early Life, Bio, Wikipedia, Parents, Education

Seath was born on February 3, 1996, in Bellevue, Florida. Scott and Sonia Jackson had three boys, and he was the youngest. His father was a prosperous businessman with many enterprises, while his mother was a homemaker. Seath grew raised in adjacent Summerfield, Marion County, alongside his two elder brothers, Scott Jr. and Stephen. He was close to his family and enjoyed spending time together. He also enjoys animals and has a pet dog named Buddy. Seath died while a high school student. He attended Belleview High School.

Seath Jackson’s Death Cause

When Seath reached the trailer, Amber welcomed him, hugged him, and led him inside. As soon as he stepped inside, Michael, Kyle, and Justin assaulted him with wooden items and a crowbar. After this, Michael was shot in the head with a. 22-caliber pistol, but the Sith remained alive. He attempted to flee, but Michael shot him again in the chest. He then carried her into the bathroom and shot her three times.

The assassins then disposed of the Seath’s body. They broke his knees, put him in a sleeping bag, and threw him in the backyard fire pit. Piers Morgan burned her body for several hours, leaving only ashes and bones. They then placed some of his remains in paint cans and threw them into a nearby mine. They also attempted to clean the crime scene with bleach but left behind traces of blood and gunshot shells.

Death Report

Jackson died after several gunshot wounds to the head and chest. He was shot three times with a.22 caliber revolver: once in the right temple, once in the left chest, and once in the right chest. The bullets went through his head, fractures, and heart, inflicting extensive stress and injury. The coil force also impacted the Seath’s head, face, and body. He was struck with wooden items and a crowbar, fracturing his skull, jaw, nose, and ribs. There were bruises, lacerations, and cuts on his skin and internal organs.

Jackson’s body burnt in a pit of fire for several hours, leaving just ashes and bones behind. Their assassins covered their mattresses with sleeping sacks and tossed them in the fire. They also utilized it to speed up the combustion of insecticides and diesel fuel. The fire reached temperatures of almost 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, reducing the bodies to a charred slurry. Seath Jackson’s strata were spread throughout several places. Some of his ashes and bones were put into a mine near Nautilya Pass in Pent. Some of his hair and sensibilities were discovered, along with a spade and rake used to fuel the fire.

The autopsy report indicated that Jackson’s death was murder, with several gunshot wounds. According to the study, Seath was alive when he was shot, but his medications and drugs had died. The report was used as evidence against his killers, who were convicted and condemned to jail or death.

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Seath Jackson’s Girlfriend

Seath had a girlfriend, Amber Wright, who was 15 years his senior. They began dating in December 2010, while both were attending Bellevue High School. Amber and Seth seemed to be a happy couple, but their relationship soon turned sour. They separated in March 2011 when Seth accused Amber of cheating on him with another guy, Michael Bargo. Seath and Amber vented their frustration on social media, exchanging insults and accusations on Facebook. Amber began seeing Michael shortly after her separation from Seath. Michael acquired a loathing for the Siath and assumed they had abused Amber, despite the lack of evidence. He also threatened to murder Siath and once fired a pistol at him and a buddy to intimidate them.

Net Worth

Seath Jackson’s net worth was assessed at $100K at the time of his death.

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Some Important Facts

  • He was noted for his unique style and fashion sense.
  • He was an animal enthusiast who frequently mentioned his pets in his social media posts.
  • He grew hooked on smoking during his teens.
  • Jackson was also a champion for body positivity, frequently sharing messages of self-love and acceptance with her fans.
  • He stated in interviews that his ultimate ambition is to become a UFC fighter.
  • Seath Jackson was from America.
  • The Seath’s complexion was fair.

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