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Sachin Bishnoi Biography (Gangster), Wiki, Age, News, Family

Sachin BishnoiSachin Bishnoi Biography (Gangster), Wiki, Age, News, Family: Following the murder of Sidhu Moose Wala, Sachin Thapan Bishnoi, who is reportedly a member and nephew of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, has claimed responsibility for the murder of the singer-politician. And this is called the act of ‘revenge’. Sachin Bishnoi, who is part of jailed Lawrence Bishnoi‘s gang, confesses that he had killed Sidhu with his “his hands”. However, it was not proved whether the caller was Sachin or someone else. But the way he talks about it, it seems that he is Sachin.

Sachin alleged that the gang led by Sidhu Moosewala had threatened to kill Mankirat Aulakh. Punjabi singer Aulakh recently claimed that he had received death threats from Davinder Bambiha gang, a rival of Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

Sachin Bishnoi Biography

Sachin Bishnoi called News18 India and said that Sidhu Moosewala was not killed for any “publicity stunt” nor for a “ransom”, but because he had “remembered” the gangsters who killed his brother Vicky Middukhera. Financially support and shelter”. It is said that it is very close to Lawrence Bishnoi. And it had an important involvement in this massacre.

Sachin confessed to possessing dangerous weapons, which according to him, people must have seen only in Hollywood movies. He also said that those who are talking about taking revenge will also be dealt with. While he refused to name anyone.

Sachin Bishnoi

Earlier, Canada-based gangster Goldy Brar claimed responsibility for Sidhu Moose Wala’s shootout. Brar, who has close ties to the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, said in a Facebook post that he had killed Moose Wala to avenge the death of gangster Vicky Middukhera.

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