Reena Dutta Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Daughter

Reena Dutta Wikipedia, Biography, Height, Age, Career, Net Worth: Reena Dutta, is an Indian filmmaker, producer, and director based in Mumbai, India. She is well known as the first wife of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan. She has also had a good career in filmmaking alongside Aamir. Indeed, the two were instrumental in establishing Aamir Khan Productions. She entered the entertainment world with “Qayamat se Qayamat Tak”. Still, Reena did not try her hand at acting.

Later, she started dating struggling actor Aamir. Back then, they communicated via public phones. They married secretly in 1986. At the time, Ms. Dutta was working on films such as “Raman Effect” and “El Doctor”. They disguised their romance for a long time. In truth, Mansoor Khan (Filmmaker) did not want Aamir to lose his appeal. His chocolatey look has won him a large number of female fans. Still, the 1990s paved the path for his growing career. Ms. Dutta is now not working in Bollywood.

Reena Dutta Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Daughter

Name Reena Dutta
Age 56 Year Old
Birth Date September 4, 1968
Birth Place Mumbai, India
Material status Divorced
Husband Name Amir Khan
Nationality Indian
Father Name NA
Mother Name NA
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height 5 Feet 5 Inches(Approx)
Weight 68  kg(Approx)
Net Worth INR 15cr

Who is Reena Dutta

Reena Dutta is well-known in the Bollywood business. She married Aamir Khan, a well-known actor in Bollywood. Her work life has always been productive. She has subsequently exited the contemporary Bollywood Town scene.  Reena Dutta has had a highly successful and promising professional career from the start. She worked hard, and her efforts paid off. Before entering the media industry, she worked as a travel agent. She made her Bollywood debut in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, her husband’s first film.

Reena Dutta

Reena Dutta Age, Early Life, Education, Wiki, Biography

Dutta’s birthday is September 4, 1968. Reena Dutta was 56 years old in 2024. Dutta’s zodiac sign is Virgo. Her caste is Brahmin. She attended a high private school and later studied at a reputable institution, from which she graduated.


Reena Dutta’s professional career has been incredibly successful and promising since the beginning. She was a diligent worker, thus she was bound to succeed. Reena began her career in a travel agency before moving into the media. She debuted in the Bollywood industry with her husband’s first film, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Reena has a small role in this well-known film starring Aamir Khan. Her main choice to make the acclaimed film Lagaan was taken in 2001. Ashutosh Gowariker faced several challenges while filming Lagaan. The film had a high budget, but no one was willing to create it. Reena Dutta decided to produce the film and realize the director’s ambition. This film inspired Aamir Khan to start his production firm, Aamir Khan Production. Everyone is now aware of the film’s success, which was completely due to Reena Dutta.

Reena Dutta’s Husband, Daughter, Son

She was twenty years old when she fell in love with Aamir Khan. They have two gorgeous children, Junaid and Ira. They married in 1986. For over fifteen years, this couple maintained a successful relationship. Life becomes increasingly difficult when things fall apart. Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta’s ideal marriage ended in divorce in 2002, putting both sides in financial difficulty. They have a good relationship with Reena Dutta and Aamir. No one avoids her at any of Aamir Khan’s movie premieres. Junaid and Ira, their children, are now determined to advance in their jobs. Ira is now a supporter of renowned filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani, who is preparing Junaid for his acting debut.

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Net Worth

She’s a director, producer, and filmmaker. Dutta’s net worth is reported to be Rs 15 crore.

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Some Important Facts

  • She began her career by working for a travel firm in Mumbai.
  • Furthermore, she and Aamir were neighbors before they married.
  • She appeared briefly in the QSQT film “Papa Kehte Hain”.
  • However, they married despite their parents’ wishes.
  • The Perfection Khan proposed to her in a love letter.
  • She is also a co-producer on the Oscar-nominated film “Lagaan”.
  • The film is about Reena Dutta and Aamir Khan’s divorce.
  • Khan is now the spouse of Kiran Rao.
  • Their love tale started on the set of a Bollywood film.
  • Kiran is the mother of a newborn boy, Azad Rao Khan.
  • Junaid, Reena’s son, also works for Rajkumar Hirani as an assistant director.
  • Her adorable daughter Ira is pursuing a music career.

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