Nitin Mridul Biography, Wiki, Family, Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend

Nitin MridulNitin Mridul Biography, Father, Wiki, Net Worth:- Nitin Mridul is one of today’s most well-known celebrities, and he gained popularity through his YouTube channel, which has over 9 million members. Almost all of his videos appear on YouTube’s trending page. All of Mridul’s school life films have received the most views in his career.

Mridul is a YouTube and social media personality today, and his passion is also very good in photography, so please tell us in detail how his career began.

Nitin Mridul Biography, Wiki, Family, Age, Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend

Name Nitin Mridul
Birth Date March 7, 2000
Birthplace Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
By Profession You tuber
Age 23 Years
Zodiac Sign Aries
Education Graduate
Height 5’-8’’
Weight 70kg
Nationality Indian
Marital Status Unmarried
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Mother Name Mrs. Shashi Tiwati
Father Name Mr. Raghvendra Tiwari
Net Worth INR 5cr -10cr

Who is Nitin Mridul

Nitin Mridul, also known as Nitesh Kumar, is a YouTuber and vlogger from India. He is a well-known YouTuber, with over 9 million subscribers on his channel (The Mridul). He also has his own YouTube channel, I AM NITIN.

Nitin Mridul

Nitin Mridul Age, Biography

Mridul was born on March 7, 2000, in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, which is close to Delhi, therefore his age as of 2023 is 23 years and he completed his education in Noida.


When it comes to Mrudul’s YouTube career, he rose to prominence in 2018, however, his channel dates back to 2015. Mridul Tiwari’s first video was published on this channel on October 31, 2018. Only his first video has received 3 million views. So used to put one or the other video continuously, but it took so long because the video didn’t get a decent response. Along with this, his sister Pragati Tiwari appeared, and the two began filming movies together. There are several casts of The Mridul, which we will examine more.

His Youtube video is nearly entirely in Haryanvi, with electricity playing a prominent role. The most intriguing aspect of his Youtube channel is that all of his School Life videos are among the most viewed. Which is around 100 million views more than 90 million in any video. Since the years 2020-21, all of his videos have been trending on YouTube, so this is how his YouTube career has gone.

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Nitin Mridul Parents

Mridul Tiwari’s father’s name is Mr. Raghvendra Tiwari, and his mother’s name is Mrs. Shashi Tiwati. Mridul also has an older sister, Pragati Tiwari, who is an actor, model, and social media influencer. Mridul’s family also includes his grandfather and grandmother, however little is known about them.

Net worth

Nitin Mridul’s YouTube Ads revenue is approximately 3 crores per year. In addition to this, we also do Eran from Brand Promotion, according to social blood. His net worth is estimated to be between 5 and 10 crores, according to certain publications.

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  • Mridul launched his YouTube channel in October 2018, with his first video titled Sister vs Girlfriend.
  • The channel had 100 K subscribers in September 2019. & In March 2020, the channel reached 1 million subscribers and was awarded a golden button by YouTube.
  • The Mridul is a YouTube channel that narrates the tale of a teenager’s life with his friends and family in 10-15 minute episodes. He has 4 million YouTube subscribers and is well-known for his local lingo and humor.
  • Mridul has been included in YouTube’s recent Top 10 list of Indian YouTube Creators.
  • At the time of writing, Mridul had over 9 million subscribers on his YouTube account The Mridul, and he currently has 70 videos uploaded on his channel.
  • Mridul’s most popular video, based on School Life, has over 154 million views and is included below.

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