Nidal Wonder Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Parents

Nidal WonderNidal Wonder Wiki Biography, Age, Ethnicity, Wiki, Career: Nidal Wonder is an American Instagrammer, YouTuber, and self-taught gymnast. He is well-known for posting images and videos of his backflips and other gymnastics-related activities on Instagram and other social media platforms. Nidal and his brother Jamel manage the Juju & Nidal YouTube channel, which has thousands of subscribers and uploads gymnastics-related videos and lessons. Aside from that, other energy, sports, and apparel firms, like Berg and BERG Masters of Bounce, have selected Nidal to represent their products on social media.

In addition to YouTube, Nidal uses the photo-sharing app Instagram. On his Instagram account, he primarily posts photos of himself, gymnastics, and his family. Furthermore, he utilized his Instagram account to promote several brands. He currently has thousands of fans on the app.

Nidal Wonder Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Parents

Name Nidal Wonder
Age 14  year old
Birth Date December 21, 2010
Birth Place Clovis, California, USA
Material status Unmarried
Girlfriend Name NA
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Father Name NA
Mother Name NA
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Height 5 Feet 2 Inches(Approx)
Weight 62 kg(Approx)
Net Worth $1 million

Who is Nidal Wonder

Nidal Wonder is a young and brilliant gymnast, flipper, and YouTube sensation who has wowed millions of viewers with his astounding abilities and exploits. He is most known for co-running the renowned YouTube channel Juju & Nidal with his brother Juju, which features physical challenge videos and lessons. He is also a Skybound athlete and Instagram celebrity, with over 600,000 followers.

Nidal Wonder

Nidal Wonder Age, Early Life, Bio, Wikipedia, Education, Birthday

Nidal Wonder was born on December 21, 2010, in Clovis, California, USA. His actual name is Nidal Ajib. He has three siblings: two brothers, Jamel and Jehan Ajib, and a sister, Jiji Wonder. They have a family YouTube channel called The Wonder Family, where they share their daily life and experiences. Brad Jay’s uncle also appeared in one of their YouTube videos. Nidal began taking gymnastics training at an early age and quickly acquired a penchant for flipping. He taught himself how to perform various flips and feats by studying web videos and practicing at home. He also joined a local gymnastics club and took part in several tournaments and events.


Nidal Wonder and his brother Juju created Juju & Nidal, a combined YouTube channel, on May 3, 2018. On May 17, 2018, they posted their debut video, “Learning How To Cody-Full,” in which they practiced a flip technique. The video garnered a great response from viewers, encouraging them to create more videos. Since then, the team has produced other physical challenge films, including “Last to Stop Flipping Wins $10,000”, “Flipping Over 100 People In Public”, and “Flipping Off The Tallest Bridge In California”. They’ve also shared instructional, pranks, and vlogs, and collaborated with other flippers and YouTubers.

Their most successful video, “The Only Real Spiderman,” was posted on October 28, 2018, and has had over 10 million views. In the video, Nidal Wonder dresses up as Spiderman and battles a boy who stole a girl’s phone. Nidal and his brother Juju have over 1.5 million followers and over 100 million views on their YouTube channel. They have also earned sponsorship and endorsements from other businesses, including Berg and BERG Masters of Bounce. They are also members of the Skybound team, which manufactures trampolines and other sporting equipment. Wonder has also set up his own YouTube page, where he posts solo footage of his flips and acrobatics.

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Net Worth

Nidal’s net worth will be more than one million USD by 2024. His earrings are primarily sourced from brand sponsorships, marketing, and social media sites.

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 Some Important Facts

  • He is a popular Instagram user, YouTuber, and self-taught gymnast.
  • He has thousands of Instagram followers and millions of views on YouTube.
  • His social media profiles are managed by his brother, Jamel Wonder.
  • Nidal competed in season 4 of NBC’s “Little Big Shots”.
  • He is a member of House of No Talent, a popular content makers’ collective.
  • Nidal is a young and brilliant YouTuber and self-taught gymnast who has amassed millions of followers with his incredible flipping talents and physical challenge videos.
  • Nidal Wonder’s true name is Nidal Ajib, and he was born on December 21, 2010, in Clovis, California, USA.
  • Nidal Wonder is said to have a crush on Salish Matter, the daughter of prominent photographer and YouTuber Jordan Matter. They’ve featured together in multiple videos on Nidal and Jordan’s channels, demonstrating their connection and camaraderie.
  • Nidal, a Skybound athlete, has performed at live events, including the Skybound Gymnastics Expo in 2019. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which represents adventure, optimism, enthusiasm, honesty, and independence.

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