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Maharana PratapMaharana Pratap Height, Age, Wiki, Weight, Wife, Biography: Maharana Pratap was the 13th Indian King of Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajasthan’s Mewar region. He was, in fact, a renowned and valiant ruler of Rajasthan’s Northwestern area. His domains were Chittorgarh, Rajsamand, Udaipur, Pirawa (Jhalawar), Neemuch and Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh), and Bhilwara. “Maharana Pratap Singh Sisodiya” is his complete birth name. The 13th Maharana Pratap of Kumbhalgarh Fort in Mewar, Rajasthan.

He was a member of the Sisodia Rajput lineage. He also fought alongside the Mughals to rescue his homeland. Pratap and his courageous army of 2200 troops battled valiantly against the Mughal army of 8000 soldiers.  Their conflict was dubbed the “Battle of Haldigathi.” His brother, on the other hand, cheated during the battle. He never gave up hope until the very end. Jhala Maan, who resembled Maharana Partap, was also crowned. He foresaw the Rajputs’ fall at the hands of the Mughals. Later, he was assassinated by his opponents. Pratap endured numerous fights throughout his life. However, he died on January 19, 1597, as a result of an accident sustained while hunting.

Maharana Pratap Height, Biography, Age, Weight, Wiki, Son, Parents, Wife

Name Maharana Pratap
Profession King of Mewar
Birth Place Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan(India)
Date of Birth 9 May 1540
Age 56 year old
Material status Married
Father Name Udai Singh II
Mother Name Maharani Jaivanta Bai
Height 7 Feet 5 inch
Weight 110 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
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Who was Maharana Pratap?

Maharana Pratap was the Sisodia dynasty’s Hindu Rajput king of Mewar. He fought numerous key battles against Akbar, including the Battle of Haldighati in 1576, to oppose the Mughal empire’s expansionist strategy. Pratap became a folk hero for his military resistance through guerilla warfare, which inspired later Mughal rebels such as Malik Ambar and Shivaji.

Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap Age

Maharana Pratap was born in Kumbhalgarh Fort on May 9, 1540. Pratap died on January 19, 1597, at the age of 56, from injuries incurred in a hunting accident near Chavand.

Maharana Pratap Weight

Pratap’s height is s 7 feet 5 inches he was one of the strongest Indian soldiers. His weight was approximately 110kg. He was carrying 360 kg of weight. It consists of an 80kg spear, two 208kg swords, and 72kg heavy armor. He has a muscular body with a wild chest and strong shapes.

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Maharana Pratap Wiki, Early Life, Biography

Maharana Pratap, Udai Singh II’s son, was born on May 9, 1540 in Kumbhalgarh Fort (Mewar, Rajasthan, India). Furthermore, he was 56 years old when he died on January 19, 1597. He was the father’s (Udai Singh II) and mother’s (Jaiwanta Bai) eldest son. “Pratap Singh I” is Pratap’s full name. “Jagmal Singh,” “Vikram Singh,” and “Shakti Singh” were the names of his three younger siblings. He also has two stepsisters named “Man Kanwar” and “Chand Kanwar.” Udai Singh, on the other hand, died in 1572. Then, as the family’s eldest child, Maharana succeeds him. Rani Deer Bai, on the other hand, desired for her son Jagmal to become King.

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Maharana Pratap Wife, Children

Maharana had 11 wives during his lifespan. In truth, Maharani Ajabde Punwar (Bijolia) is the name of one of Maharana Pratap’s cherished wives. In 1557, he married her. All of his marriages were arranged through political relationships. Amarbai Rathore, Ratnawatibai Parmar, Jasobai Chauhan, Phool Bai Rathore, Shahmatibai Hada, Champabai Jhati, Khichar Asha bai, Alamdebai Chauhan, Lakhabai, and Solankhinipur Bai are the names of Pratap’s ten wives.

Amar Singh I, Sahas Mal, Kunwar Durjan Singh, Shekha Singh, Kunwar Puran Mal, Kunwar Hathi Singh, Kunwar Jaswant Singh, Kunwar Kalyan Das, Kunwar Maal Singh, Kunwar Natha Singh, Kunwar Sanwal Das Singh, Kunwar Raibhana Singh, Chanda Singh, Kunwar Gopal, Bhagwan Das, and Kunwar Ram Singh are among his 16 sons. Following Pratap’s untimely death, his eldest son Amar Singh I succeeded him as King of Mewar. He had approximately 17 boys and 5 daughters.

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Maharana Pratap Parents

His father’s name is Udai Singh II and his mother’s name is Maharani Jaivanta Bai.


  • “Ramprasad” was the elephant of Maharana. Ramprasad slaughtered two Mughal war elephants.
  • Even so, Akbar imprisoned him, but he died of malnutrition after only a few days.
  • The Mughal emperor received the surrender of all Rajput kings.
  • Despite this, Pratap I refused to join his court and refused Akbar’s demands.
  • The Mughals sent six people to him to form amicable partnerships.
  • Meanwhile, in 1582, he acquired his governed territories.
  • There are numerous Indian television shows based on the lives of Rajput monarchs.
  • SET’s “Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap” is one of them.
  • Famous TV actors Faisal Khan and Sharad Malhotra played the roles of Maharana.

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