Kenneth Eugene Smith Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Son

Kenneth Eugene SmithKenneth Eugene Smith Wiki, Age, Biography, Career Net Worth: Kenneth Eugene Smith, an American criminal, was convicted of the murder-for-hire of Colbert County resident Elizabeth Sennett. The evil scheme began when Elizabeth’s husband, Charles Sennett Sr., persuaded Billy Gray Williams to do the heinous deed. Williams, in turn, recruited Smith and John Forrest Parker as accomplices. Tragically, Smith and Parker savagely stabbed Elizabeth Sennett to death in her Colbert County home, shocking the whole neighborhood.

Williams was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release and died of disease in November 2020. Smith and John Forrest Parker received death sentences. Parker faced a fatal injection in June 2010, while Smith, who was still on death row, received a different destiny. Fast forward to November 2022, when Smith was scheduled for lethal injection. However, an unsuccessful effort resulted in a unique settlement. The state opted not to pursue lethal injection and instead included a novel method, nitrogen hypoxia, in the execution plan.

Kenneth Eugene Smith Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Son

Name Kenneth Eugene Smith
Age 58 year old (Passed Away)
Birth Date July 4, 1965
Birth Place Alabama, USA
Material status Married
Wife Name NA
Nationality American
Father Name NA
Mother Name NA
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Height 5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight 92 kg
Net Worth  USD 500k

Who is Kenneth Eugene Smith

Kenneth Eugene Smith was executed by nitrogen hypoxia on January 25, 2024, at the Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama, sparking controversy and debate about the ethics and effectiveness of this new method of capital punishment. Smith was a convicted murderer who became the first person to be executed in the United States.

Kenneth Eugene Smith

Kenneth Eugene Smith Age, Early Life, Biography, Wiki

Kenneth Eugene Smith was born on July 4, 1965, He was 58 years old at the time of his death. As a native of Alabama, he is an American citizen. Furthermore, documents show that he is of white ancestry and practices Christianity as his religion. In high school, he met a girl, whom he eventually married. According to sources, Smith has four children with his wife, but he has not spent much time with them because he has been in jail since 1988, away from his family.


Smith did not have a consistent or successful career. He dropped out of school in ninth grade and went to work as a laborer and mechanic. He has a criminal record involving burglary, theft, assault, and domestic abuse. Smith was also hooked on alcohol, cocaine, and methamphetamines, which harmed his mental health and conduct. He participated in the murder-for-hire of Elizabeth Sennett, a nurse and mother of two, in 1988, for which he was paid $1,000 by her husband, Charles Sennett, a Church of Christ preacher. Smith and his accomplice, John Forrest Parker, stormed into Sennett’s home and beat, stabbed, and strangled her to death before stealing her car, jewelry, and credit cards.

They were apprehended the next day and confessed to the crime. Smith was convicted and condemned to death in 1998, while Parker received a life term without parole. Smith served more than 35 years on death row, during which time he filed many appeals and lawsuits disputing his guilt and punishment.

Kenneth Eugene Smith’s Wife, Son

Smith was married with four children. He met his wife, whose name is unknown, during high school. They married and had two boys and two girls. However, their marriage was unhappy since Smith was addicted to drugs and alcohol and was aggressive and cruel to his wife and children. His wife divorced him in 1996, claiming his drug usage and aggressive conduct.

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Death Cause

Kenneth Eugene Smith, a man on death row in Alabama, was killed by nitrogen gas, a novel method in the United States. This was the first time it was utilized. Smith, 58, was declared dead at 8:25 p.m. Thursday at the William C Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama. He was convicted of a murder-for-hire plan about 30 years ago, in 1988. Witnesses observed Smith struggle for his life for 22 minutes throughout the execution, despite officials’ claims that everything went according to plan. They anticipated him to go unconscious and die within minutes. Smith seemed to be aware, shaking and squirming on the bed.

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Net Worth

His estimated net worth in 2023 ranged from $500k, which might be attributed to his stock ownership in Bar Harbor Bankshares Inc., a Maine-based financial holding firm.

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