Kelly Baltazar Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Husband

Kelly BaltazarKelly Baltazar Wiki, Age, Biography, Family, Husband, Height, Net Worth: Kelly Baltazar has received a lot of attention on social media sites, but not for the reasons you’d think. The Georgetown University student has been embroiled in several scandals, including drug possession and the release of pornographic images of her by her father. Since then, her narrative has been discussed on different forums and social media platforms, eliciting both criticism and intrigue.

Kelly Baltazar Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Husband

Full Name Kelly Baltazar
Age 31 year old
Birth Date June 19, 1992
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Marital Status Unmarried
Husband NA
Nationality American
Father Name Kevin Baltazar
Mother Name Karen Y Wang
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight 61 kg
Net Worth $500K

Who is Kelly Baltazar?

Kelly Baltazar is a former web-based comedian who rose to prominence after being involved in a drug case and releasing a controversial video. She is also the daughter of former Goldman Sachs vice chairman Kevin Baltazar, who died from COVID-19 in 2020.

Kelly Baltazar

Kelly Baltazar Age, Early Life, Family, Biography, Education

Kelly Baltazar was born June 19, 1992, in Los Angeles, California. Her father, Kevin Baltazar, was a prominent banker and vice chairman of Goldman Sachs, a major worldwide investment business. Her mother, Karen Y. Wang, is a Chinese-American lady whose identity remains unknown. She is of mixed Asian heritage and possesses American citizenship. Kelly was raised in an affluent and privileged environment, yet she also had some difficulties. She struggled with melancholy and anxiety and had a rocky connection with her father. Kelly visited Washington, D.C. She attended Georgetown University and studied international relations and economics. However, she did not graduate from the institution since she dropped out after getting jailed in a drug case in 2018.

Career and Controversy

Kelly Baltazar started her career as a web-based performer at the age of 18. She assumed the moniker Miley and posted her films on numerous websites. Kelly stated she did it for pleasure and money, and that she relished the attention and celebrity. She further stated that she did not inform her parents about her activities and concealed her identity by wearing a wig and spectacles. Her hidden existence was revealed when her father saw her recordings and took them off the internet. She also approached him and attempted to persuade him to quit. Kelly stated that she felt humiliated and guilty, and regretted her actions. She also stated that she intends to continue her schooling and pursue her professional goals.

Kelly’s struggles did not stop there. In 2018, Georgetown University Police arrested him for possession of cocaine and marijuana. She faces two counts of drug possession and one count of drug paraphernalia. She consented to a deferred prosecution and was freed on bail. The allegations against him were finally dismissed, but her reputation suffered. In 2019, another Kelly-related issue emerged. A video of him having sex with a dog has surfaced online. The video was purportedly shot in 2014 when Kelly was 22 years old. The video generated popular anger and revulsion, and Kelly was accused of animal cruelty and bestiality. Kelly denied being the man on the video, claiming it was a case of mistaken identity. She also stated that she was a victim of cyberbullying and harassment, and she was concerned for her safety and privacy.

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Kelly Baltazar Height, Weight

Kelly Baltaza’s body height is approximately 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is approximately 61 kg. Her eye color is brown and her hair is brown. She is beautiful in look.

Kelly Baltazar’s Husband, Boyfriend

Kelly is presently celibate. They have not officially verified any previous or current romantic musical or dating rumors. However, her name has already been associated with a few well-known concepts, like Raptor Lil Wayne and Gaydra Tyga. She removed her social media accounts and has not given any interviews or remarks. She’s also altered her look, name, and location.

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​Net Worth

Kelly Baltazar’s net worth is around $500K. She also makes money from her web-based entertainment profession and her present job as a writer and editor. She received some money from her father, who left an inheritance worth $10 million.

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