Kathleen Mccrone Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth, Wiki

Kathleen MccroneKathleen Mccrone Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career:- Kathleen McCrone is a Cleveland-based attorney. She is most known as the wife of Wayne Newton, an American entertainer. She has long held Wayne’s hand and has made significant contributions to Wayne’s life and profession. Her marriage to Wayne resulted in a daughter.

Wayne Newton and his wife, Kathleen McCrone Newton, welcomed Becca and nine lucky suitors from the show to their iconic Las Vegas house and ranch, Casa de Shenandoah, on last night’s episode of The Bachelorette. Kathleen McCrone has been a major issue in Bachelor Nation due to her involvement on The Bachelorette and a recent burglary attempt at their house. Mrs. Newton’s sister, Tricia McCrone, was enthusiastically pushing their presence.

Kathleen Mccrone Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth, Wiki

Name Kathleen Mccrone
Profession Attorney
Age 29 year Old
Birth Date March 23, 1994
Birth Place United State of America
Material status Unmarried
Boyfriend Peter Kiernan
Religion Christian
Nationality French
Father Name David Bloom
Mother Name Not Known
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Height 5.5 Feet
Weight 57 kg
Net Worth $1.8  million

Who is Kathleen Mccrone

Kathleen McCrone is the wife of Wayne Newton, an American singer and entertainer. She has been holding Wayne’s hand for a long time and has made significant contributions to Wayne’s life and work. Her marriage to Wayne resulted in a daughter. Kathleen is a lawyer by profession. Kathleen has accumulated a substantial wealth as a result of her illustrious legal career. She gained money by revealing her decision in the criminal cases.

Kathleen Mccrone

Kathleen Mccrone Age, Biography, Early Life, Education

Kathleen McCrone is 59 years old and was born in 1964. She is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, where she raised her family. McCrone is the daughter of William J. McCrone, Marilyn Furman, and two sisters, Mary and Patricia “Tricia” McCrone. Before his daughter met Newton, William McCrone died of cancer. He served as a judge at Rocky River Municipal Court and the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas in Ohio. Kathleen McCrone followed in her father’s footsteps by studying law.


Newton’s career has seen ups and downs as a result of legal and health concerns. He’s received the support of his wife and her family during such occasions. Tricia McCrone, Kathleen McCrone’s younger sister, works as the family’s PR as she oversees his career. She has worked as a producer for The Tyra Banks Show, cohosts Kat with the Dish, and manages public relations for Casa de Shenandoah. In 2017, Tricia McCrone married her husband, Billy Brinton, on the estate. Mary McCrone, Kathleen and Tricia McCrone’s older sister, was an Emmy-winning television producer and writer. She died unexpectedly in 2009.

A few weeks later, the Newtons experienced a series of legal and financial troubles wherein they almost lost their magnificent property! Newton’s personal health concerns, as well as complications after labour with his eldest daughter, caused him to cancel many events. The family was too busy with Erin Newton’s health to be concerned about their stuff being removed from the famous Las Vegas mansion. Kathleen McCrone frequently handled the estate’s legal problems, and while the rest of the family was focused on Erin, she fought for their property.

However, McCrone stated that the family would not leave the land even if a bidder won it. Wayne Newton, Kathleen McCrone, and their family returned to Casa de Shenandoah in 2015 after a lengthy legal fight. The couple appears to be doing well since then, and if their appearance on The Bachelorette last night is any indicator, this couple is still in love like two young adolescents!

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Kathleen Mccrone Husband

Kathleen has been married to American singer Wayne Newton for almost 20 years. The pair married on April 9, 1994, in a lavish wedding ceremony at the singer’s estate Casa de Shenandoah.  Kathleen met Wayne for the first time backstage after seeing the Las Vegas concert in 1990. The love affair began in 1991 after the two had a brief talk late at night. On April 19, 2002, after six years of marriage, the couple had a daughter called Lauren Ashley Newton.

Net Worth

Kathleen has a lengthy history as an attorney. The average annual wage for an attorney is $81,439, according to payscale. The influence of experience on compensation increases is moderate. Kathleen makes more than the average wage since she is an experienced attorney. Her net worth is more than $30 million USD as of 2023.

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