Jolly Joseph Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth

Laura LynchJolly Joseph Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Husband- Jolly Joseph is a Kerala housewife. Her name made news in October 2019 after she was arrested for reportedly murdering six individuals with cyanide over 14 years with her first husband Roy Thomas, mother-in-law Annamma, and father-in-law Tom Thomas.

Jolly married her first husband’s cousin Shaju Zacharia in 2017. Police believe Shaju has solid information about Jolly’s alleged murder since Jolly said her second spouse Shaju knew everything about her serial murder before she was detained. Nonetheless, Shaju categorically denied Jolly’s claim. Furthermore, two others, MS Matthew and Praji Kumar, who are accused of assisting in Jolly’s murder, are being investigated.

Jolly Joseph Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth

Name Jolly Joseph
Date of Birth 1972
 Age 51 year old
Birth Place Vazhavara, Idukki, Kerala, India
Material status married
Husband Name Roy Thomas, Shaju Zacharia
Nationality Indian
Father Name NA
Mother Name NA
Religion Christian
Weight 63 Kg
Height 5. 6 Feet
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Net Worth NA

Who is Jolly Joseph?

Jolly Joseph is the major suspect in the murders of six members of her husband’s family. Roy Thomas’ brother, Rojo Thomas, was the one who protested to the police about the six unexplained deaths that led to the arrest of Jolly Joseph. Jolly admitted to using cyanide to kill the six victims stated above after her arrest in October 2019. She reportedly procured the cyanide with the assistance of M. S. Mathew and Praji Kumar, who were also apprehended.

Jolly Joseph

Jolly Joseph Age, Early Life, Wiki, Education, Bio

Jolly Joseph was born in Vazhavara, Idukki, Kerala in 1972. She attended St. Mary’s High School in Vazhavara. She studied at M.E.S. College in Nedumkandam, Kerala, from 1998 to 1991.  According to reports, she informed her in-laws that she had her BTech and worked as a visiting lecturer at the National Institute of Technology (NIT). Her neighbors, on the other hand, said that she informed them she did MCom.

Koodathayi Cyanide Murders

She relocated to Roy Thomas’s family house in Koodathayi after her marriage to Roy, where her father-in-law Tom Thomas, mother-in-law Annamma Thomas, and a few other members used to dwell. Her mother-in-law died in 2002 as a result of health problems. Her father-in-law died of a heart attack in 2008, and froth was flowing out of his lips at the moment. Roy, her spouse, died three years later. A froth was flowing out of his father’s lips only minutes before his death. Mathew Manjadiyil, Roy’s maternal uncle, insisted on a post-mortem because he believed something was amiss.

Roy had swallowed cyanide, a chemical typically used in mining and jewelry-making, according to the post-mortem study. The local police department deemed it a suicide and did not conduct an investigation. Jolly began to alienate herself from her relatives and neighbors after Roy’s death. Her neighbors, however, felt she was in a difficult time of her life and paid little attention to it. Her husband Roy’s uncle Mathew Manjadiyil died of a heart attack in 2014, followed by the loss of Alpine, the two-year-old daughter of Roy Thomas’s paternal cousin Shaju Sakhariyas in the same year. Sili Sakhariyas, Shaju Sakhariyas’ wife, died in 2016.

Following a string of deaths in the same house, Jolly’s relatives and neighbors began to believe that the house was cursed or inhabited by malevolent energy. The story took a dramatic turn in 2017 when Jolly married Shaju Sakhariya, her husband Roy’s paternal cousin.

Investigation and Arrests

After Jolly’s first husband Roy died, the land was handed to Jolly rather than Roy’s true brother Rojo Thomas. Rojo then began gathering information regarding Jolly’s history. Rojo first discovered Jolly was lying about her position at NIT.  He discovered that Jolly had stated that she had prepared an omelet for Roy, but according to the post-mortem report, Roy had rice and chickpea curry for supper before passing away. Rojo and her sister then filed a complaint at the district police station, which was referred to the Thamarassery Police Station near Kozhikode.

However, their lawsuit was denied since it was classified as a suicide. Rojo was then sent to the Kozhikode police crime unit, which promised to look into the situation. Initially, the police confirmed that she was not working at NIT, and over 50 differences were discovered between her claims to the police and proof. Because no post-mortems were performed on the deceased family members, except Roy, the Kozhikode police local crime section decided to exhume the buried corpses of Jolly’s family members for further inquiry. After around two months of inquiry, Kozhikode district police superintendent KG Simon held a news conference and said that Joseph had been apprehended after confessing to her crime of cyanide murdering all six family members.

Jolly Joseph Parents

Her father, K Joseph, is a farmer who also runs a ration shop. Her mother is mentally sick. She has two older brothers, two older sisters, and one younger brother named Nobi Thomas. One of her older sisters is deaf and mute.

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Jolly Joseph Husband

She married Roy Thomas in a love marriage in 1997. Jolly and Roy Thomas have two kids, Romo Thomas and Ronald Thomas. After her husband died, she married Roy Thomas’s first cousin Shaju Zacharia, a schoolteacher, in 2016.

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Net Worth

Her net worth is not known.

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