Johnny Scoville Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Real Name

Johnny ScovilleJohnny Scoville Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth: Johnny Scoville is a man who enjoys spicy dishes and has challenged himself to consume the world’s hottest peppers. He is the creator and host of the YouTube series “Chase The Heat,” where he shares his love for chili peppers and evaluates numerous hot sauces, foods, and items. Johnny also takes part in several chili-eating competitions and events, including the League of Fire and the Tube of Terror. He has a dedicated following of over 134,000 followers and millions of views on his videos.

Johnny Scoville Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Real Name

Full Name Johnny Scoville
Age 28 year old
Birth Date 1966
Birth Place North Carolina, United States
Material status Married
Wife Name Bree Rek
Nationality American
Father Name NA
Mother Name NA
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Height  5 Feet 9 Inches(Approx)
Weight 80 kg(Approx)
Net Worth $3 million

Who is Johnny Scoville?

Johnny Scoville is a well-known member of the spicy cuisine and chilli-eating community. He’s a competitive chili eater, YouTuber, and social media figure. He is the face of the popular YouTube program “Chase the Heat,” where he films his adventures and struggles while eating some of the world’s hottest peppers. The channel has a high number of subscribers thanks to its entertaining material on chilies, hot dishes, and the culture around them.

Johnny Scoville

Johnny Scoville Age, Early Life, Wikipedia, Biography, Real Name

Johnny Scoville was born in 1966 in North Carolina, United States. He was raised in a household that loved spicy cuisine and had a brother named Tommy Scoville, who frequently starred in his films. He got a love for chilies at a young age and began experimenting with different types and heat levels. Johnny thanks his father for introducing him to the world of chili and motivating him to follow his love. He graduated from a local high school, and it is unclear whether he was admitted to university. Johnny Scoville’s true name is Johnny Scoville.


Johnny Scoville launched his YouTube channel “Chase the Heat” in 2016 to share his passion for chili and spicy sauce with the globe. He posts films of himself consuming and evaluating a variety of spicy things, including sauces, nibbles, sweets, chocolates, extracts, and more. He also makes live streaming where he interacts with his audience and answers their queries. Johnny regularly works with other chili eaters and YouTubers, like UK Chilli Queen, Dustin Johnson, Roger Trier, and others. He is both a chili critic and a chili competitor. He has competed in several chili-eating contests and challenges, including the Death Nut Challenge, Chilli Cherry Nightmare, One Chip Challenge, Tube of Terror, and others.

Johnny owns several chili-related records and titles, including the Guinness World Record for eating the most Carolina Reaper chilies in one minute (22 chilies), League of Fire World Champion, and Tube of Terror World Record Holder. He is also a chili entrepreneur who has established his brands, including Johnny Scoville’s Tube of Terror, CTH Hot Sauce Tasting Spoon, CTH Red Apple BBQ Sauce, and others. Scoville sells his items through his website,, which also includes stuff such as shirts, caps, stickers, and more. He also has a Patreon account, where he offers unique content and benefits to his fans.

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Johnny Scoville’s Wife, Child

Johnny Scoville is married to a woman named Bree Rek. He also has three children, two sons and one daughter, who make infrequent appearances in his films. He presently lives in Reno, Nevada, with his family. Scoville is a passionate Christian who frequently shares his religion and appreciation in his videos. He is also a nice and humble individual who values and appreciates his followers and fellow chili lovers.

Johnny Scoville’s Physical Appearance

Johnny Scoville’s body height is approximately 5 feet 9 inches and his weight is 80 kg. His eye color is green and his hair is brown. Her figure size is large. People like him very much.

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Net Worth

His net worth is more than $3 million.

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