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John Meehan Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Wiki, Net Worth: John Meehan was a conman and nurse anesthetist whose life tale was turned into a podcast and then a television series. John was well-known for his fraudulent litigation and insurance schemes. He was also well-known for his numerous connections with women, many of whom were also his victims. Many people described John Meehan as violent and deceitful, and he had a slew of criminal charges against him. As a result, his license to practice as a nurse anesthetist was revoked, forcing him to concentrate entirely on deception. Terra Newell, John Meehan’s stepdaughter, finally murdered him after he intimidated and harassed several women.

The incident occurred at Terra’s apartment complex parking lot when she stabbed him 13 times in self-defense. John Meehan, 57, died four days later in a hospital.

John Meehan Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Wife

Full Name John Meehan
Date of Birth February 3, 1959
Age 57  year old  (Died)
Birth Place United States of America
Material status Married
Wife Name Tonia Sells
Father Name Not Known
Mother Name Unknown
Nationality American
Height 6 Feet 0 Inches
Weight 86  kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Net Worth $200k

Who is John Meehan?

John Meehan is a conman and gambler from California, USA. He is heavily involved in his father’s gambling operation. He usually visits one of their several casinos in the United States. According to her sister, this is the key explanation for his move towards negative actions. John is given the moniker “Dirty John” throughout his undergraduate years. In reality, he slept with several young ladies. On dating websites, he focuses on women. Meehan also attempts to entice them with his wealth. Furthermore, he has a phony profile and claims to be a doctor. He also shared a lot of photos. John took his first wife’s medical equipment. He traveled to Ohio after the divorce to look for his objective.

John Meehan Age, Wiki, Education, Biography

He was born in the United States of America on February 3, 1959. He grew up with his sisters Karen and Donna Meehan. John learned to lie and deceive from his father, William Meehan, who ran the ‘Diamond Wheel Casino in San Jose. John would obtain legal settlements at an early age by leaping in front of moving automobiles and putting shards of glass into food purchased from local eateries. During his adolescence, he also peddled cocaine and was arrested for it. ‘Prospect High School’ in Saratoga, California was where John attended school. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from ‘The University of Arizona’ in 1988. He studied law at ‘The University of Dayton School of Law.’ During his time at ‘The University of Dayton,’ he earned the moniker ‘Dirty John’ for his ability to seduce women.

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On August 20, 2016, John used a knife to assault Debra’s previous marriage’s kid, Terra. Terra stabbed him 13 times after grabbing the knife. When the cops came, they discovered in John’s backpack duct tape, injectable testosterone, wire ties, kitchen knives, and a passport. The authorities decided that John had intended to kidnap Terra based on their evidence. After emergency responders revived John’s pulse, he was transported to a neighboring hospital. John died on August 24, 2016, having never recovered from his stab wounds.</p>

John Meehan Ethnicity, Nationality

Dirty John Meehan‘s ethnicity was mixed. He is an American citizen.

John Meehan’s Wife, Kids

In 1990, John married. Tonia Sells is also his first wife. She works as an anesthetist nurse. However, the couple divorced after only ten years of marriage. Tonia frequently suspects him when he employs his medical gear. The couple is the parents of two children. They also have a daughter named Terra Newell. In 2016, she killed her father out of rage. Tonia eventually reports to the police about the theft. Her ex-husband then threatens her. He married Debra Newell for the second time in 2014. It lasted a year since she was aware of his actual motives. John Meehan emails naked images of her to his cousins. On the other side, he fires his expensive automobile. They reside in a leased property during their relationship. Within three dates, Jane accepts John’s marriage proposal.

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Net Worth

John Meehan’s net worth is approx $200k

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