Jayo Archer Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Wife, Height, Net Worth

Jayo ArcherJayo Archer Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Height, Net Worth: Jayo Archer was a freestyle Motocross rider who created history by performing the first triple backflip in competition. He was an X Games medalist, a Nitro Circus member, and a devoted fiancé. He died on February 21, 2024, at the age of 27, while doing the same performance that had made him famous. His death surprised and devastated the Motocross community, including his fans and family.

Jayo Archer Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Wife, Height, Net Worth

Full Name Jayden “Jayo” Archer
Age 27 year old
Birth Date 1996
Birth Place Melbourne, Australia
Marital Status Engaged
Girlfriend Name Beth King
Nationality Australian
Father Name NA
Mother Name NA
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6 Feet 1 Inches
Weight 75 kg
Net Worth $5 million

Who is Jayo Archer?

Jayo Archer rose to prominence as a pioneering motocross maverick. The Motocross community and fans all around the world were grieved on February 21, 2024, when word surfaced of Joey Archer’s terrible death. Archer, only 27 years old, has made an unforgettable impact on the world of freestyle motorcycles, recognized for his extraordinary feats, contagious excitement, and persistent determination to push the sport’s boundaries.

Jayo Archer

Jayo Archer Age, Early Life, Family, Bio, Education

Jayo Archer was born in 1996 in Melbourne, Australia. He grew up in a household of Motocross fans and began racing dirt motorcycles when he was four years old. He was motivated by his father, a motocross rider, and his older brother, who raced in local competitions. Jayo showed natural skill and a fearless attitude towards the sport, and he immediately dreamed of becoming a professional rider. He attended St Joseph’s College in Melbourne, where he excelled both academically and athletically. He was a popular and outgoing student who loved music, art, and photography.

Jayo was also interested in mechanics and frequently assisted his father in repairing and maintaining his motorcycles. He graduated from high school in 2014 with honors and received a scholarship to study engineering at the University of Melbourne. However, he opted to pursue his Motocross career instead and joined Nitro Circus, an action sports collective formed by Travis Pastrana, a well-known Motocross rider and stunt performer. Jayo spent several years as an assistant mechanic for Nitro Circus before participating in his debut act in 2012.


Jayo Archer’s Motocross career was incredible, establishing him as a pioneer in the realm of freestyle Motocross. Jayo, who was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1997, began his athletic career at a young age. His natural talent and boldness quickly distinguished him as he progressed through the ranks of the Motocross world. Jayo’s career reached its height when he became the first rider to complete a triple backflip in competition, a historic accomplishment that confirmed his place as a freestyle Motocross trailblazer. The achievement, which took place in Brisbane, Australia in 2022, not only drew international notice but also highlighted Jayo’s unwavering commitment to pushing the limits of what is deemed feasible in the sport.

Aside from the triple backflip, Jayo’s career was defined by a succession of incredible feats, awe-inspiring performances, and a dedication to excellence. His impact grew far beyond the Motocross arena, winning him acclaim from fans, fellow athletes, and industry executives. Despite the dangers of freestyle Motocross, Jayo demonstrated courage and tenacity in every risky maneuver. His career served as an example for young athletes, encouraging them to pursue their goals with enthusiasm and commitment. As the motocross world mourns the passing of a real icon, Jayo Archer’s career will be remembered as a testimony to the strength of perseverance and the pursuit of excellence.

Jayo Archer Death Cause, Wikipedia

Jayo Archer’s life and career ended on February 21, 2024, when he was killed in a sad accident while performing a triple backflip in his birthplace of Melbourne, Australia. He was prepping for the Nitro Circus live event, which would take place in Jay, Oklahoma on March 1, 2024. He rode in a private facility owned by his friend and fellow rider, Ryan Williams. Jayo tried a triple backflip but lost control of his bike in the air and crashed hard onto the landing ramp. He had severe brain and spinal injuries and was pronounced dead on the site. He was 27 years old.

His passing caused widespread regret and sorrow among the Motocross community and throughout the world. Nitro Circus acknowledged his death in an Instagram post, writing, “The Nitro Circus family is grieving the passing of Jayo Archer. He was the embodiment of enthusiasm, hard effort, and dedication. He pushed the limits of dirt biking to unprecedented heights. Has a positive influence on others around him. Above all, a wonderful human being and friend to all of us.”

Many other motocross riders and action sports icons paid tribute to Archer on social media, expressing their sadness, respect, and appreciation. They shared their memories of him, along with images and videos, and extended their condolences and support to his family, particularly his fiancée Beth King. They also paid tribute to his legacy, promising to carry on his vision and enthusiasm.

Jayo Archer Height, Weight

Jayo Archer’s body height was approximately 6 feet 1 inch or 185 cm and his weight was approximately 75 kg or 165 lbs. His eye color was blue and his hair was blonde. His skin color was white.

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Jayo Archer’s Wife, Girlfriend, Bio

Jay Archer and Beth King were a happy, dedicated couple who shared a passion for motorcycles and adventure. They met in 2019, while Beth was working as a nurse at a hospital where Jayo had been hospitalized following an accident. He accepted it quickly and began dating shortly thereafter. They stuck by one another through thick and thin and appreciated each other’s accomplishments.

In 2022, Jay proposed to Beth immediately after hitting the competition’s first triple backflip, making it one of their most memorable moments together. They had intended to marry in 2024, but Jayo’s terrible death on February 21, 2024, prevented their plans from coming true. Beth was crushed by the death of her spouse, but she resolved to honor his legacy and keep his memory alive.

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​Net Worth

Jayo Archer’s net worth was approximately $5 million at the time of his death.

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