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Jaya KishoriJaya Kishori Wikipedia, Biography, Net Worth, Age: Jaya Kishori is a Kolkata-based spiritual orator, motivational speaker, religious leader, singer, and musician. She believes in Lord Krishna. In reality, Kishori begins distributing Bhagwat Katha, Mayro, and Ramayana stories. Jaya Sharma is her correct birth name. She arranges the three-day “Katha Nani Bai Ro Mayro” festival regularly. In addition, Jaya performs the “Katha Shrimadbhagwat” in 7 days. The religious saint has received numerous honors, including the Aadarsh Yuva Adhyatmik Guru Puroskar from the Bhartiya Chhatra Sansad. She has approximately 20 bhajan albums in her voice.  “Shyam Tharo Khatu Pyaro,” “Mere Kanha Ki,” and “Diwani Mein Shyam Ki” are among the most popular.

Furthermore, her words have a profound impact on individuals seeking to walk the spiritual path. She has a cheerful outlook on life. Jaya believes that God is present everywhere. Every time, the Almighty tries to help her. Ms. Jaya received the “Jind Ratna Award” recently. The award ceremony was place on the Huda grounds. The organizers are Narayana Seva Sansthan. She is continuously working hard to save the girl child. Mr. Vijay Pal Jain and Aanchal Mittal also presented her with a letter of gratitude and pagadi. Devi Chitralekha Ji is another inspirational figure. She is also a devout follower of Lord Krishna.

Jaya Kishori Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Birth Place, Net Worth, Career, Ethnicity, Height, Parents

Full Name Jaya Kishori
Birth Date July 13, 1995
Profession Spiritual Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Religious Leader, Singer
Marital Status Unmarried
Age 28  Years Old
Height 5.6 Feet
Weight 60 kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Nationality Indian
Birth Place Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Religion Hindu
Father’s Name Shiv Shankar Sharma
Mother’s Name Sonia Sharma
Sister Name Chetna Sharma
Net Worth INR 2cr

Who is Jaya Kishori?

Jaya Kishori is a religious orator, motivational speaker, spiritual leader, singer, and musician from India. She is well-known on YouTube for her bhajan videos. Jaya is most likely one of the youngest religious orators to present the life and god of the Bhagwat Gita, Mayro, and Ramayana. She began her religious journey at the age of seven and is well-known for singing Sanskrit storms.

Jaya Kishori

Jaya Kishori Age, Wikipedia, Education, Biography

She was born on July 13, 1995, in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Furthermore, Jaya Kishori will be 28 years old in 2023. Shiv Shankar Sharma (father) and Sonia Sharma (mother) are extremely proud of their daughter. Jaya was involved in religious activities at the age of seven. Her ancestors are also from the Brahmin community. Ms. Sharma also holds a first-class B.com degree. She is, in fact, an intellectually strong student in her studies.

Jaya Kishori Cast, Family- Parents-Mother, Father, Sister

Jaya Sharma was born in Kolkata, West Bengal to Shiv Shankar Sharma (father) and Sonia Sharma (mother). Her parents’ occupations have not yet been revealed. Her surname indicates that she is a member of the Gaur Brahmin community.  She also has a sister, Chetna Sharma. Her entire family follows the Hindu religion.

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She began participating in spiritual practices at a young age. Her grandparents were extremely influential in her education and helped her grow up in this sector. They used to narrate and tell her mythological stories. She learned several bhajans at an early age. She did her first Satsang and sang into her at the age of seven. It was held at Kolkata’s Basant Mahotsav. She got to prominence after narrating and singing the Sunder Kand route alone. This drew a large number of people. Shiv Stotra, Mere Kanha Ki, Sunderkand, Shyam Tharo Katu Pyaro, Hits of Jayakishori, Diwani Mein Shyam Ki, and others are among her nearly 20 albums.

Shiv Stotra, Mere Kanha Ki, Sunderkand, Shyam Tharo Katu Pyaro, Hits of Jayakishori, Diwani Mein Shyam Ki, and many more are among Jaya Kishori’s albums. She generally tells Nani Bai Ro Mayro for three days and Shrimadbhagwat Katha for seven days throughout her lectures. Jaya has delivered almost 350 speeches as of today. She also has an app and a website.

Jaya Kishori Physical Apeercence- Height, Weight

She is a lovely lady with a fair complexion, striking features, and black hair. Her demeanor is somewhat comforting to everyone she encounters. Her eyes are also black, and her hair is medium-length. Jaya Kishori stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 60 kilograms.

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Net Worth

She has performed at several events and has a sizable fan base on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Her videos have received millions of views, making her one of India’s most popular spiritual preachers. Her net worth is more than INR2 crore (approximately) as of 2023.


  • Kishori grew up in a spiritual household and has memorized several Bhajans and Bhagwat Geeta from a young age.
  • She was first preached by Pt. Govindram Mishra, and she has also been preached by Swami Ramsukhdas and Pandit Vinod Kumar Ji Sahal.
  • Pt. Govindram Mishra used to refer to her as ‘Radha.’ Mishra bestowed the moniker ‘Kishori Ji’ on her after witnessing her devotion to Lord Krishna. Since then, she has been referred to as ‘Kishori Ji.’
  • Jaya sang for the first time at the age of seven in a Satsang hosted in her neighborhood in Kolkata during the Basant Mahotsav.
  • When Jaya Kishori turned ten, she sang ‘Sunder Kanda’ alone, which was well received by the audience and gained a lot of attention.
  • Her grandparents inspired her spiritual development by teaching her several Bhajans and telling her many Krishna stories.
  • She has contributed her voice to over 20 CDs. She has released several albums, including ‘Shiv Stotra,’ ‘Sunderkand,’ ‘Mere Kanha Ki,’ ‘Shyam Tharo Khatu Pyaro,’ ‘Diwani Mein Shyam Ki,’ and ‘Hits of Jayakishori.’
  • Jaya Kishori is well-known for her 7-day ‘Katha Shrimadbhagwat’ and 3-day ‘Katha Nani Bai Ro Mayro’ spiritual discussions, which she has performed over 350 times.
  • According to reports, all proceeds from her spiritual sessions are donated to the Narayan Seva Sansthan in Udaipur. All of these contributions will be used to help disabled people.

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