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Isabella DelucaIsabella Deluca Wikipedia, Biography, Height, Age, Career, Net Worth: Isabella Deluca, an outspoken conservative influencer, recently engaged in a heated online debate with former Major League Baseball player Aubrey Huff. It all started with Huff’s post, which appeared to denigrate DeLuca’s accomplishments based only on her sexuality, creating outrage. DeLuca did not back down, and he responded with evidence—an exposed screenshot of a Twitter DM containing Aubrey’s Christmas pitch. Following her angry response, Huff momentarily disappeared from Twitter before reappearing, reigniting the controversy.

This article dives further into the Isabella DeLuca vs. Aubrey Huff story, examining the specifics of their altercation. Stay tuned for further details and disclosures as this high-profile scandal plays out.

Isabella Deluca Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Parents, Husband

Name Isabella Deluca
Age 24 Year Old
Birth Date February 1, 2000
Birth Place United States
Material status married
Boyfriend Name NA
Nationality American
Father Name Anna DeLuca
Mother Name Luigi
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blond
Height 5 Feet 7 Inches(Approx)
Weight 56  kg(Approx)
Net Worth USD 3 million

Who is Isabella Deluca

Isabella DeLuca is an American political activist, influencer, and model. She is the outreach director for Republicans for National Renewal, a conservative organization that backs President Donald Trump and his ideas. She is also a strong critic of left-wing groups like Black Lives Matter and the Women’s March, with whom she has had multiple debates and confrontations.

Isabella Deluca

Isabella Deluca Age, Early Life, Education, Wiki, Biography, Birthday

Isabella DeLuca was born on February 1, 2000, in Washington, D.C. She is the daughter of Luigi and Anna DeLuca, who are of Italian and Irish heritage, respectively. Isabella DeLuca was born in Washington, DC, making her an American citizen by birth. Her mother is Irish, and her father is Italian, hence she is of mixed ethnicity.  She grew up in a conservative environment and became interested in politics from an early age. Isabella graduated from Stony Brook University in New York with a degree in political science and a minor in media. She graduated in 2021 and now works as an outreach director for Republicans for National Renewal.


The controversy began when Rachel Wilson, a well-known right-wing activist, blasted Isabella DeLuca’s cake-making video on Twitter in October. Wilson and others went even further, accusing DeLuca of distributing attention-seeking images and doubting her devotion to Christianity and conservative principles. Wilson even referred to DeLuca as a “thirst trapper” and “grifter” in many posts during the last week. Then, on January 1, 2024, Aubrey Huff suddenly joined the internet debate. Huff described the continuous quarrel between the two ladies as a “catfight.” He argued that women like DeLuca simply bring “sexuality” into the discourse, implying that they seek attention, suffer financially, generate drama, have a distorted sense of self-worth, and lack accountability.

DeLuca quickly responded to Huff’s inflammatory comments by sharing an image of a direct message she claims Huff sent her on December 25: “Hey beautiful, let’s collab over cocktails and bad decisions.” Surprisingly, Huff appeared to delete his Twitter account soon after DeLuca revealed the letter. When Huff returned to Twitter after a hiatus, he was ridiculed by people. Many blasted him for deleting his message and then re-posting it, calling it the “worst decision.” However, Huff said that he was on vacation with his children and wanted to minimize distractions, so he took a break from Twitter.

Isabella Deluca Parents

She is the daughter of Luigi and Anna Deluca. Isabella grew up in a conservative environment and became interested in politics from an early age. She does not appear to have any siblings, or at least she has not addressed them publicly.

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Isabella Maria is a renowned conservative social media influencer. She entered politics a little over two years ago by producing and uploading right-wing films on TikTok. These movies quickly gained traction, spreading rapidly across many social channels. Isabella is a strong supporter who has served as an Ambassador for Turning Point USA, a significant conservative group. She is an active member of the New York Young Republicans Club in the bustling metropolis. Her career is extensive, including working as the Press Secretary for a large conservative women’s group in the United States.

She has gained expertise through internships, having worked in Rep. Lee Zeldin’s local office and on Capitol Hill with Rep. Paul Gosar. You might have seen her share her thoughts on Newsmax and Real America’s Voice. Isabella understands the need to tackle critical global and national topics on social media, especially when engaging with younger audiences. Her large social media following suggests that her conservative beliefs resonate with many people.

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Net Worth

DeLuca’s estimated net worth is $3 million.

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