Gopal Prasad Rimal Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Family, Wife, Wife

Gopal Prasad Rimal Biography, Age, Wiki, Family, Wife: Gopal Prasad Rimal was a modern Nepali poet who pioneered new kinds of poetry with revolutionary beliefs and elevated public awareness. He was also a well-known dramatist who pioneered new ideas about women’s consciousness and realism in the area of play. Gopal Prasad Rimal had made significant contributions to raising public awareness through his poems and dramas.

He was a remarkable personality who worked tirelessly for the advancement of society, nation, and literature, and his politeness, high and innocent emotions, and appealing personality set him apart. Disgusted by the Ranas’ tyranny in Nepal, he spent time in Pondicherry, India, studying the sacred text Bhagawat Gita. To honor him, the Nepali government released stamps bearing his image.

Gopal Prasad Rimal Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Family, Wife, Wife

Name Gopal Prasad Rimal
Occupation Poet
Date of Birth May 21, 1917
Date of Death October 24, 1973
Age 56 Years
Birth Place Kathmandu, Nepal
Qualification Graduate
Height 5’-7’’ Feet(Approx)
Weight 76 KG
Nationality Nepali
Marital Status Married
Wife Name Not Known
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Father Name Umakanta Rimal
Mother Name Aditya Kumari Rimal

Who is Gopal Prasad Rimal?

Gopal Prasad Rimal, a poet and playwright who contributed significantly to Nepali literature, died at the age of 55. He has made an indelible imprint on Nepali literature’s poetry and theatre disciplines. ‘Mother’s Dream,’ his most revolutionary poem, is an evergreen and everlasting poem.  This poetry arouses the reader’s desire for change. According to scholar Michael J. Hutt, the first revolutionary Nepali poet was the first to forsake the employment of the tactic.

Gopal Prasad Rimal Age, Wiki

Gopal Prasad Rimal was born in Kathmandu, Nepal on May 21, 1917. He died on October 24, 1973, at the age of 56, in Nepal, after spending his last years wandering the streets of Kathmandu, psychologically unstable.


His parents’ names were Umakanta Rimal and Aditya Kumari Rimal. His sibling’s information is not known.

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Gopal Prasad Rimal Biography, Wikipedia

His bravery, revolutionary views, and vision for nationalism propelled him to quick recognition and fame in the area of Nepali writing. His literary works conveyed the image of social progress and a brighter future. He was a brilliant and hardworking student who was passionate about both academics and sports. He received first division in his SLC examinations in 1992 BS and has been working in the field of literature since then. His official schooling ended when he enrolled at Tri Chandra College for his I.A. (High School) degree. His debut poem, ‘Kabiko Gayan’ (poet’s song), was published in Sarada monthly magazine in 1992 BS.

‘Aamako Sapana’ (Mother’s Dream), his literary anthology, is a compilation of his short poems that express democratic beliefs. Even though he did not create any more poetry, he became a well-known poet due to the content and matter of his poems. Masan and Yo Prem (this love), two of his most popular dramas, deal with the reality of women’s dominance in Nepali society. Through his plays, he constantly strove to convey the concept that gender is equal, and that a man who does or desires ill for a woman suffers for it. His plays were the first in Nepali drama to use realism. The plot of his drama Masan was adapted for a Nepali film of the same name by Neer Shah.

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Gopal Prasad Wife

The name of Gopal Prasad Rimal’s wife has never been divulged anywhere, hence no information is accessible about her.

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