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Gerhard Ackerman BiographyGerhard Ackerman Biography, Wiki, Cases, Wikipedia:- Gerhard Ackerman is accused of a string of heinous crimes spanning more than a decade, including exposing himself to youngsters in public facilities, creating child p0rn0graphy, and raping a minor. He is also suspected of organizing a child $ex ring in Johannesburg. Ackerman, 52, appeared before the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg on Tuesday. He finished thereby tendering his pleas to the 740 charges leveled against him.

Herman Alberts, Ackerman’s legal aid counsel, claimed after the defendant finished pleading that his client would not provide a plea reason. Before the trial began on Tuesday, Ackerman expressed his concern to News24 over the publication of his name and photograph in connection with the case. Ackerman believed that the topic should be aired in the media only if he was proven to be the perpetrator of the crime.

Gerhard Ackerman Arrested

Gerhard Ackerman was detained by Gauteng police on Sunday, January 29th, at a shopping mall in Florida, Johannesburg. The media and the general public were crucial in apprehending Gerhard, and Andrew Chauke, the director of public prosecutions in Johannesburg, hailed the public and media for their awareness, which aided in Gerhard’s capture.


Gerhard Crimes and Cases, Wiki

Gerhard Ackerman, who was recently accused of leading a child $ex ring, has been judged to be a criminal of more terrible crimes than only running a child $ex ring. He is facing 740 accusations, including raape attempts, murder attempts, underage child trafficking for $exual exploitation, and the distribution of child p0rn0graphy. He has been convicted guilty of several of these allegations, and many more are being investigated.

Gerhard Ackerman Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Crimes, Wikipedia, Cases

Full Name Gerhard Ackerman
Birth Date 1990-1994
Profession Teacher, Businessman
Girlfriend Name N/A
Marital Status N/A
Age 29-33 year old
Height 5.11 Feet
Weight 77 kg (Approx)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Nationality African
Birth Place South Africa
Religion Christian
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name Unknown
Children N/A
Net Worth USD 1 Million
Category Biography

Who is Gerhard Ackerman?

Gerhard Ackerman is a criminal with many criminal cases pending in the High Court of South Africa’s Gauteng Local Division in Johannesburg, but he was freed in 2021 on an R6,000 bond from Johannesburg’s magistrate court on several conditions, including that he cannot leave the Gauteng metropolis without permission. He was supposed to appear in court on January 26th, but he lied about his illness and fled from where he was staying, prompting the court to issue an arrest order for him.

Gerhard Ackerman


According to some references, his age is 52 years as of 2023. There is not disclosed his exact date of birth

Ackerman Disappearance

Gerhard was scheduled to appear in Gauteng’s court on January 26th, 2023, but his lawyer, Herman Alberts, informed the court and judge that Ackerman is suffering from ill health as a result of food poisoning and that he will be unable to appear in court because he needs to see a doctor for the same, and also explained his severity. He further informed the court that Gerhard will be in court on Friday (January 27th) with adequate medical reports on his health.

However, he did not appear in court on the 27th of January, and the state counsel, Ms. Valencia Dube, sought the revocation of Gerhard’s bail after he failed to appear in court with the correct medical papers. An investigating team had gone to his property in Gauteng but discovered him missing, and he had even sold his movable possessions from the house. The cops began searching for him around Johannesburg, and an arrest warrant was issued against him on Saturday, January 28, 2023.

Gerhard Ackerman Wife

According to the current web search results, Gerhard Ackerman’s wife and children are unknown. Yet his personal information was not made public so we can’t share this information right now.

Net Worth

According to some news references, his net worth is more than USD 4 million.

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