Gauri Sawant Biography, Daughter, Net Worth, Husband, Career, Weight, Wiki, Height

Gauri SawantGauri Sawant Biography, Wiki, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Age:- Gauri Sawant is a well-known and well-liked transgender activist. Gauri Sawant comes from a modest traditional family in which her father works as a police officer. Sawant was known as Ganesh Suresh Sawant before her transition. She discovered what was wrong with her at a young age. She realized she was different from others and began to strive to transform herself. Gauri Sawant discovered her hormonal shift when she was nine years old. She encountered several challenges at a young age, and she was tormented by her classmates and friends by calling her certain derogatory names.  As she grew older, her desire shifted to the male gender. This caused her to go through a sex transition.

Her parents opposed and mocked her request for sex transition. But she wanted to alter her gender, and with the support of Humsafar Trust, she successfully transitioned.  Her parents abandoned her after her Transition. Gauri began living independently, she faced many challenges, she had many ups and downs, she used to remark it is not an easy road from Ganesh to Gauri. Gauri founded many organizations and was active in numerous transgender movements. In the year 2000, she founded her own NGO named ‘Sakhi Char Chowghi’ in Malad, Mumbai.

Gauri Sawant Biography, Daughter, Net Worth, Husband, Career, Weight, Wiki, Height

Full Name Gauri Sawant
Birth Date 22 July 1980
Profession Social Activist
Husband Name Not Known
Marital Status Unmarried
Age 43 Years Old
Height 5.5 Feet
Weight 67 kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Nationality Indian
Birth Place Pune, India
Religion Hindu
Father’s Name Suresh Sawant
Mother’s Name Unknown
Net Worth INR 1 cr

Who is Gauri Sawant

Gauri Sawant is a well-known transgender rights advocate. You can name her Shreegauri or Gauri as you like. She is a transgender lady who has aided in the transformation of many other people’s lives.  Gauri Sawant was previously known as Ganesh Suresh Sawant. After understanding and accepting who she is, she realized that being a different person is an ongoing effort. She realized at an early age that society would exclude her from all aspects of life. But “she chose to be what she wanted to be.”

Gauri Sawant

Gauri Sawant Early Life, Education, Age, Wiki

She was born on 22 July 1980. As of 2023, she is 43 years old. Gauri Sawant is a transgender rights activist. Sawant, who was born in Pune, has always shown what are considered feminine characteristics. She kept her true identity hidden. Then, one day, she decided to abandon her assigned-at-birth identity and change to fit it. As a result, she picked the name Gauri Sawant. Sawant’s family was already patriarchal, given that her father was a police officer. Her mother never meant for her to be born into this world. “She (mother) didn’t want me to come into this world, and even tried to seek an abortion in the seventh month,” Sawant said in an interview with YourStory. She left her home when she was 14 or 15 years old because she didn’t want to disappoint her father.


Gauri Sawant was living in Mumbai when she left home. She left the house with only $60 in her pocket. She met her sex worker transgender buddy, who assisted her and provided her with a place to reside. From there, she presented herself to The Humsafar Trust, one of the oldest organizations working for the LGBTQ community, from March 1997 until May 2000. Ashok Row Kavi created the Humsafar Trust in 1994 to advocate for the rights of members of the LGBTQ community.  Gauri Sawant established the Sakhi Char Chowgi Trust in May 2000. This organization was founded to raise awareness about safe sex and provide counseling to transgender persons.

Following this, Gauri Sawant established a non-profit organization called Sai Savli in August 2017. This organization provided more services than Sakhi Char Chowgi, and the major goal of its founding was to assist those in need who are unable to exist alone in our society, such as transgenders, orphaned girl children, abandoned women, and elderly people, among others.  The Sai Savli NGO’s primary programs are Aaji Cha Ghar and Swayam Siddha. Aaji Cha Ghar translates to “Nani Ka Ghar” or “Grandmother’s House” in Hindi. This initiative focuses on parenting transgender and little girl children born from sex worker moms in a fully free and safe environment, similar to that of a regular kid, and this task is carried out by the elderly.

The major goal of Swayam Siddha is to enable transgender persons who do not work in the sex industry and must beg since they have no other source of income. As a result of this effort, all transgenders will be self-sufficient and able to make a living, which will ultimately assist them in grooming their lives.

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Gauri Sawant Daughter

Sawant adopted a daughter whose biological mother was a sex worker in 2001. The young child succumbed to her HIV infection. Later, she adopted a five-year-old child who had been trafficked into slavery. Vicks chronicled her journey in 2017, displaying love, a sense of family, and caring that transcends both gender and class stereotypes.

Net Worth

Her net worth is more than INR 1cr as of 2023.

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  • Gauri Sawant was the previous host of the reality program Gharo Ghari Matichya Chuli, which aired on TV9 Marathi.
  • Gauri adopted Gayatri, the daughter of an AIDS mother, as a female kid. Gauri saved and adopted Gayatri when her grandmother wanted to sell her.
  • Gauri’s major purpose is to create Aajicha Ghar, a shelter for abandoned female children and transgender people.
  • She founded the Mumbai-based social service charity Sakhi Char Chowghi in 2000, where people may learn about safe sex and get therapy for transgender people.
  • She was invited to Tedx Talks five times for her speech.
  • Gauri appeared in a Vicks commercial

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