Eva Kay Wenal Wiki, Biography, Age, Death, Husband

Eva Kay WenalEva Kay Wenal Wiki, Age, Height, Biography, Parents, Net Worth: Eva Kay Wenal was a celebrity model. Her life sadly ended on May 1, 2008, when she was brutally killed inside her Lawrenceville, Georgia, home. Kay Wenal lived with her rich husband, Hal Wenal, in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The circumstances surrounding her murder are very intriguing and unsettling. On that tragic day, an intruder broke into her home as she was reading, struck her in the face, pursued her into the kitchen, and cut her neck twice. The killer escaped without leaving any obvious evidence, such as fingerprints, hairs, or fibers.

The crime scene had intriguing details, indicating that the offender was familiar with the layout of the house. Strangely, a towel with traces of Kay’s blood was discovered upstairs, but no jewelry or valuables were gone. The inquiry became more complicated as there was no evident motive.

Eva Kay Wenal Wiki, Biography, Age, Death, Husband

Name Eva Kay Wenal
Age 59 year old (Passed Away)
Birth Date January 22, 1948
Birth Place Prescott, Arkansas, USA
Material status married
Husband Name Hal Wenal
Nationality American
Father Name Not Known
Mother Name Not Known
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height 5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight 60 kg
Net Worth $9 million

Who is Eva Kay Wenal

Eva Kay Wenal, popularly known as Kay, was a former Playboy bunny and model who was brutally killed at her Georgia home in 2008. Despite police and a famous cold case investigator’s efforts, her killer has yet to be apprehended. Who was Kay Wenal, and what caused her terrible death? Here’s all we know about her life, marriage, and strange murder.

Eva Kay Wenal

Eva Kay Wenal Age, Early Life, Bio, Wikipedia

Eva Kay Wenal was born on January 22, 1948, in Prescott, Arkansas, into a rich family. Her father was an oil mogul who constantly relocated his family throughout the country. Her younger sister, Pam Sleeper, characterized her as a “straight shooter” who constantly spoke out and held people accountable. She also had a giving and caring side, frequently sharing her money and presents with her loved ones. Kay’s childhood was not simple, though. Her parents split when she was young, and she had to deal with a harsh custody fight. She also married and became pregnant while in college, but she left her husband and kid to live with her father in Texas.


Her career was both daring and glamorous. She became a qualified dental assistant in the late 1970s, but she quickly discovered her passion as a cocktail server at Miami’s Playboy Club. Eva met Hugh Hefner and other celebrities, and she even posed for the magazine. She also worked as a professional model for advertisements and catalogs.

Eva Kay Wenal Death Cause, Obituary

Eva Kay Wenal died suddenly and violently on May 1, 2008. Hal arrived home from work at 6 p.m. to find his wife lying face down in a pool of blood on their kitchen floor. She had been hit multiple times and had her neck slashed almost to the point of decapitation. There were no traces of forced entry, and no items had been taken from the home. The police came and secured the crime site, gathering evidence and interrogating witnesses. They discovered a bloodied towel in the master bedroom closet, on top of a locked cabinet that held Kay’s jewelry and some leather underwear Hal had never seen before.

They also discovered a male DNA sample on the towel, but it did not match anyone in their database. The case took an unusual turn when the local media received a letter from the alleged murderer a few months after the crime. The letter, composed of magazine cut-outs, stated Kay was a “$ grubbing whore” who had lied to and defrauded the sender. Eva had pledged to leave Hal for the sender but had broken that vow, resulting in her death. The letter was signed “G,” and it had a drawing of a heart with an arrow through it.

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Eva Kay Wenal Husband

Eva Kay Wenal, a former Playboy bunny and model, married rich real estate developer Hal Wenal on August 5, 1992. They met in the mid-1980s when they were both divorced from previous marriages to be together. They landed in Atlanta and lived a wealthy lifestyle, touring the world and giving parties at their opulent house.

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