Dinh Bowman Wiki, Biography, Arrest, Net Worth Wife, Ethnicity

Dinh BowmanDinh Bowman Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Biography, Ethnicity: Dinh Bowman is a convicted murderer and former robotics engineer who shot and killed Yancy Noll, a wine steward, in a random act of violence in Seattle in 2012. Bowman claimed he was acting in self-defense, but evidence and witnesses proved otherwise. He was a child prodigy who entered college at the age of 12 and graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the age of 18. In his early twenties, he created Vague Industries, a robotics engineering firm, and worked on projects for NASA, Boeing, and Microsoft. In 2009, he married Jennifer Worthington, another engineer. They met online and discovered they had similar interests in robots, weapons, and travel.

He was an ardent shooter and weapons collector. Dinh had a large collection of firearms, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, and machine guns. He also designed and constructed his silencers and explosives. Dinh was obsessed with violence and death. He read books and watched videos on how to murder people, get away with murder, and survive prison. He had a list of possible targets for his shooting spree as well. On August 31, 2012, he killed Yancy Noll in what appeared to be a random incident of road rage. He shot Noll four times in the head when he was stopped at a red light. He then fled the area, attempting to conceal his wrongdoing.

Dinh Bowman Wiki, Biography, Case, Arrest, Net Worth Wife, Ethnicity

Full Name Dinh Bowman
Birth Date December 9, 1982
Age 39 year old
Birth Place East Bakersfield, California, America
Nationality American
Profession Robotics Engineer
Height 5.11 Feet
Wife Jennifer Bowman
Children NA
Marital Status Married
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Father Name Thomas Bowman
Mother Name Thuy Nguyen
Net Worth $1 Million (Estimated)

Who is Dinh Bowman?

Dinh Bowman, an American cashier, assassinated Yancy Noll in 2012. Dinh Bowman was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to 29 years in prison for killing Yancy Noll. Bowman is in the spotlight following the death of Yancy Noll.

Dinh Bowman

Dinh Bowman Age, Biography

Dinh Bowman, commonly known as Yancy Noll’s murderer, was born in East Bakersfield, California, on December 9, 1982. He will be 40 years old in 2023.

Dinh Bowman Parents

Thomas Bowman and Thuy Nguyen are Dinh Bowman’s parents. Thomas Bowman is a Caucasian engineer who worked for Boeing. Thuy Nguyen is a Vietnamese refugee who fled Saigon in 1975. Her ancestors are Chinese and Vietnamese. Dinh Bowman is their sole offspring.

Yancy Noll Death

Yancy Noll was driving his Subaru Forester home from work on August 31, 2012, at about 7:10 p.m., when he stopped at a red light at the junction of 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 75th Street in Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood. On the passenger side, a silver BMW Z4 drove up next to him and began fire. Five shots were fired in rapid succession, four of which struck Noll in the head and instantly killed him. The sixth bullet struck a nearby house. After that, the shooter sped away into oncoming traffic.

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Dinh Bowman Arrested

An anonymous tipster called the police two weeks after the murder and identified the gunman as Dinh Bowman, a 29-year-old robotics engineer who resided 10 blocks away from the crime scene. The informant stated that he recognized Bowman from the sketch and that he owned a silver BMW Z4. Bowman’s residence was tracked down, and his car was discovered sitting outside his home. They noted that the vehicle had been altered: the passenger side window had been removed, the tires had been replaced, and the rims had been spray-painted black. They also discovered fragments of glass in the entrance well that matched the damaged window.

Bowman was detained and his home was searched on September 21, 2012. They discovered a concealed compartment behind a bookcase containing firearms, ammo, silencers, explosives, phony IDs, disguises, how-to-kill-people manuals, and a map of Seattle with red dots indicating prospective shooting spots. They also discovered evidence that Bowman had conducted online research on Noll before his murder.

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Dinh Bowman Wife

Dinh Bowman’s wife was Jennifer Bowman, a dentist who married him in 2008 after meeting him at an education event. They shared a residence in Seattle and had a collection of weaponry and ammunition. Jennifer was with Dinh when he replaced his car window and tires following the shooting of Yancy Noll.

Net Worth

His net worth is more than USD 1 Million

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