Chuck Norris Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Height, Weight

Chuck NorrisChuck Norris Net Worth, Bio, Age, Wiki, Family, Height, Wife, Nationality: Chuck Norris is a martial artist who has starred in several action films and television shows. He is well known for starting his own martial arts school, ‘Chun Kuk Do’. Chuck Norris, a bashful youngster, saw notoriety and celebrity as faraway dreams. Furthermore, he was not interested in athletics. While serving in the ‘United States Air Force as an air policeman, he was stationed at ‘Osan Air Base’ in South Korea, where he grew interested in martial arts.

He began studying in Tang Soo Do and eventually earned a black belt. After leaving the ‘Air Force’, he developed a network of karate schools and founded his own martial arts school, ‘Chun Kuk Do’. Throughout his lengthy martial arts career, he has defeated well-known fighters such as Skipper Mullins, Victor Moore, and Steve Sanders. He not only earned the ‘Professional Middleweight Karate Champion title but also held it for six years in a row. In addition to being a martial artist and actor, Norris is a well-known Christian author.

Chuck Norris Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Height, Weight

Full Name Chuck Norris
Age 84 year old
Birth Date March 10, 1940
Birth Place Ryan, Oklahoma, USA
Marital Status Married
Wife Diane Holecheck (Ex), Gena O’Kelly
Nationality American
Father Name Ray Dee Norris
Mother Name Wilma No
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Red
Height 5 feet 9 Inches
Weight 75 kg
Net Worth $70 million

Who is Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris is an American martial artist and actor. He holds a black belt in Tang Soo Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Judo. After serving in the United States Air Force, Norris won multiple martial arts competitions before establishing his discipline, Chun Kuk Do. Shortly after, Norris began teaching martial arts to Hollywood celebrities. Norris had a brief appearance in the espionage thriller The Wrecking Crew. Norris played the lead in the financially successful action picture Breaker. His second starring part, in Good Guys Wear Black, was a success, and he quickly rose to prominence as an action film star.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris Age, Early Life, Wiki, Family, Education, Bio

Chuck Norris was born on March 10, 1940, in Ryan, Oklahoma, the United States. His father, Ray Dee Norris, was a World War II Army veteran, mechanic, bus driver, and trucker. His mother’s name is Wilma Norris. Norris is named after his father’s preacher, Carlos Berry. He was the eldest of three brothers, the other two being Wieland and Aaron. Norris’ parents split when he was sixteen, and he went to Prairie Village, Kansas, with his mother and brothers, before moving to Torrance, California. Norris described his childhood as dismal. He wasn’t an athlete, was introverted, and had average grades. Ray, his father, worked occasionally as an auto mechanic and drank heavily for several months. He attended ‘North Torrance High School’. He was a quiet, ordinary student who did not think much of himself.


Norris entered the United States Air Force in 1958 as an air policeman and was assigned to Osan Air Base in South Korea. Norris was released from the Air Force in August 1962, with the rank of Airman First Class. In early 1968, Norris lost his eleventh and last defeat. In 1969, during the first weekend of August, Norris defended his world championship title in the International Karate Championship. 1972, Norris appeared in the critically acclaimed martial arts film Way of the Dragon. In 1973, Norris appeared in Jonathan Kaplan’s film The Student Teachers. Norris’ first leading role was in 1977’s Breaker. Norris was featured in the 1978 film Good Guys Wear Black.

In 1979, Norris was featured in the film A Force of One. 1980, he published The Octagon. In 1984, Norris was featured in Joseph Zito’s film Missing in Action. Menahem Golan’s film The Delta Force aired on February 14, 1986. In 1993, he started filming the action series Walker, Texas Ranger. Aside from Walker, Texas Ranger, Randy Travis’ television special Wind in the Wire premiered on August 25, 1993. In the early 2000s, Norris appeared in the CBS television movies The President’s Man and The President’s Man: A Line in the Sand. In 2003, Norris appeared in the supernatural Christian film Bells of Innocence. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, a comedy by Rawson Marshall Thurber, was published in 2004.

In 2012, Norris appeared in The Expendables 2.  Norris hosted the History Channel documentary Chuck Norris’ Epic Guide to Military Vehicles. In 2020, Norris appeared in Hawaii Five-0’s season finale. Norris appeared in World of Tanks as a tank commander during the Holiday Ops event in 2021.

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Chuck Norris Height, Weight

Chuck Norris’s body height is approximately 5 feet 9 inches and his weight is approximately 75 kg. His eye color is light brown and his hair is red. His body is fit and healthy.

Chuck Norris’s Wife, Child

Chuck Norris married Diane Holecheck in 1958, and they had two boys together. During his marriage to Diane, he had a daughter named Dina from another woman. He and Diane were divorced in 1989. His second marriage, to former model Gena O’Kelly, took place in 1998. The couple welcomed twins in 2001. He has several grandkids. Chuck is noted for his philanthropic efforts. He supports organizations such as ‘Funds for Kids’, ‘United Way’, ‘Vijay Amritraj Foundation’, and ‘Make-A-Wish Foundation’. In addition, he founded the United Fighting Arts Federation and Kickstart Kids. In 2001, he received the Veteran of the Year award for his continuing support of this cause.

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​Net Worth

Chuck Norris’s net worth is around $70 million, which he has earned from his career.

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