Christina Boyer Wiki, Ethnicity, Biography, Case, Height, Net Worth, Family, Husband

Christina BoyerChristina Boyer Wiki, Age, Husband, Family, Case, Biography, Ethnicity:- Christina Boyer has had a life filled with sorrow, intrigue, and controversy. She was formerly known as the “poltergeist girl” who claimed to have telekinetic skills in her teens but subsequently became a convicted murderer of her daughter, Amber.

Christina has never wavered in her belief that she is innocent. In addition, a lot of journalists and reporters have taken her side in this argument. Boyer ended up in an abusive marriage with a man who later became Amber’s father. Boyer gave birth to her daughter during this period. The untimely death of Amber raised several issues. Many believed Boyer was guilty, while others believed he was the innocent victim. Christina’s mother was forced to give up her daughter for adoption because she suffered from drug addiction and was unable to maintain a regular way of life.

Christina Boyer Wiki, Ethnicity, Biography, Case, Height, Net Worth, Family, Husband

Name Christina Boyer
Age 54  years old
Birth Date October 23, 1969
Birth Place Columbus, Ohio, America
Material status married
Husband Name David Herrin
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Father Name Joan
Mother Name John Resch
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Height NA
Weight Not Known
Net Worth $200k

Who is Christina Boyer

Christina Boyer comes from a difficult and traumatic familial background. She was born in Columbus, Ohio, on October 23, 1969, to a heroin-addicted mother who was unable to care for her. She was surrendered to Franklin County Children’s Services before being adopted by Joan and John Resch, a foster-parenting pair. They renamed her Tina Resch and attempted to give her a stable environment, but Christina subsequently claimed that one of her foster brothers sexually molested her and that her adoptive parents did not believe her and smacked her in the face when she informed them.

Christina Boyer

Christina Boyer Age, Education, Biography

Christina Boyer was born on October 23, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio. Her original mother was a heroin addict who was unable to care for her, so she was turned over to Franklin County Children’s Services. Joan and John Resch, a well-known couple who regularly took in foster children, adopted her. They nicknamed her Tina Resch and attempted to provide her with a stable environment. Christina subsequently claimed that one of her foster siblings sexually raped her and that her adoptive parents did not believe her and smacked her in the face when she informed them. She also said that her parents were rigid and violent and that they blamed her for always wanting attention.

Christina Boyer Case

Christina’s life took a devastating turn on April 14, 1992, when Amber died under unknown circumstances. Christina stated that she had left Amber in David’s care after going to work as a typist in Carrollton that morning. Amber was not breathing and was blue in the face when she arrived home six hours later. He was brought to the hospital with David’s assistance, but it was too late. Amber was declared deceased upon arrival. Amber’s skull had major head trauma, and she had bruises all over her body, according to the physicians. Amber died as a result of a blunt force blow to the head, they concluded.

Christina and David were detained on accusations of murder and child maltreatment. They interviewed them separately, attempting to get them to confess or incriminate one another. They also investigated their caravan and discovered signs of drug usage as well as bad living conditions. Throughout the inquiry, Christina maintained her innocence. She said she did not injure Amber and had no idea who did. Amber had slipped from her car seat earlier in the week and banged her head on the concrete, but it appeared to be a minor mishap at the time, according to her. She also stated that David was a nice parent who would never harm Amber.

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Christina Boyer Family

Her biological mother’s identity remains unknown. She was a heroin addict who had given Christina up for adoption when she was a baby. Joan and John Resch, her adoptive parents. Christina was two and a half years old when they adopted her and renamed her Tina Resch. They were foster parents who had cared for several youngsters throughout the years. They passed away in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Her foster siblings, the names of whom are unknown. She shared the Resch home with other foster brothers and sisters. When she was 12, one of them reportedly abused her.

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Net Worth

As of 2023, Christina Boyer’s net worth is expected to be approximately $200K. This figure is based on her earnings as a typewriter before her incarceration, as well as royalties from Kimball’s book about her case. However, she has spent the majority of her money on legal bills and jail expenditures throughout the years.

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