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Who was Austin Retterath and what has happened to him?

Austin RetterathThe University of Minnesota has filed a missing complaint against Austin Ritterth, a student. According to Austin Retterath’s friends, they haven’t seen him for a while. It was said and when it went, no one knows anything. Finally, after the complaint, the investigation was started. The news of his disappearance is becoming viral on social media. If you also want to know about this news, then read the section given below.

What is the Missing news about Austin Retterath?

Austin Retterath 19 was attending the University of Minesto. Austin Retterath was a student of the College of Science and Engineering. He went missing last Sunday. As per his friends, they last saw him on East River Road and Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis. After that, there is no report of Austin Retterath. After his disappearance, he was also found, but till now there was no information. However, the State Criminal Apprehension Bureau (SCAB) immediately issued an alert and started the search for Austin Retterath. According to the agency, he was last seen wearing a blue T-shirt, dark shorts, and white shoes. After she is lost, the University of Minnesota and police are looking for her and are deeply concerned about her safety.

What about the Austin Retterath family?

However, his family came to know much later that their son was lost somewhere. A spokesman for the college administration issued a statement saying that “I am not aware of any organized citizen, but the police are looking for him at this time. I do not have full information about this, but I believe he is on the river. It is lost somewhere around. And we will reach some result soon.”

Where was Austin Retterath last seen?

According to some eyewitnesses, he claimed to have seen him near the river last Sunday morning. Taking this matter seriously, agencies are looking for him in Minneapolis around the Mississippi River. There are chances that he visited that place. The State Criminal Apprehension Bureau (BCA) has released an alert and launched a search for the boy underwater from swimmers. As per the administration, campus police are “working in collaboration with Hennepin County and the BCA on the search, which is still searching work in progress.” He has also said that “They are searching near and around the river where Austin Retterath was last seen.”

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Austin Retterath a student Minnesto University went missing

University officials have done extensive searches around the coast. Which was also assisted by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office in the river.

An official of the investigative team said that “we are searching the depths of the water on Sunday and Monday, we will inform everyone as soon as we get any good news.”

BCA spokeswoman Jill Oliveira said they were “providing investigative materials and other resources to assist police with this Austin Retterath case.”

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