Arun Mashetty Biography, Wiki, Wife, Age, Big Boss, Religion, Net Worth

Arun Mashetty Arun Mashetty Biography, Wiki, Big Boss, Age, Net Worth: Arun Srikanth Mashetty is a YouTuber from India. He is well-known for his YouTube channel, Achanak Bayanak Gaming, which has over 288K subscribers and is going to give the Indian reality program a Hyderabadi twist.  Mashetty is one of 13 competitors invited to the Bigg Boss House.

Hyderabad fans are especially excited because Arun Srikanth Mashetty’s involvement offers a peek of Hyderabadi culture and language on national television. The announcement has created a flutter of excitement among the audience, who are looking forward to witnessing the Hyderabadi aspect in one of India’s most popular reality series.

Arun Mashetty Biography, Wiki, Wife, Age, Big Boss, Religion, Net Worth

Full Name Arun Mashetty
Date of Birth October 23rd
Age Not Known
Birth Place Hyderabad, India
Material status Married
Wife Name Malak Mashettey
Father Name Not Known
Mother Name Unknown
Nationality Indian
Height 5 feet 11 Inches
Weight 90 kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Net Worth INR 5cr (Approx)

Who is Arun Mashetty?

Arun Srikanth, an Indian YouTuber, maintains the YouTube channel Achanak Bayanak Gaming. He uploads videos on YouTube of himself live streaming while playing video games. He also shows clips in which he converses with Omegle users from various nations.

Arun Mashetty

Arun Mashetty Age, Early Life, Education, Wiki

Arun Srikanth Mashettey was born on October 23rd, in the city of Hyderabad, India. His astrological sign is Libra. Arun adheres to the Islamic faith. Mashetty acquired his early schooling at Hyderabad’s Jain Heritage School.

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Arun is a well-known content developer who is noted for his lively internet presence and amusing material. He has used the power of YouTube to share his love of gaming with a large audience. Arun routinely broadcasts live gaming sessions on his YouTube channel, allowing viewers to join him in the virtual worlds he explores. This not only demonstrates his gaming abilities but also develops a sense of camaraderie among his followers. Arun has a sizable and committed following, with 290,000 people already connected to his channel, because of the intriguing and interesting content he routinely offers. Aside from his gaming material, Arun expands his internet exposure by connecting with individuals from all around the world using the website Omegle.

This website lets users participate in video chats with random people, facilitating cross-cultural and multilingual exchanges. Arun’s interactions with Omegle allow him to demonstrate his charming and kind demeanor, creating a lasting impact on the people he meets. His internet presence and contacts with viewers all around the world are strengthened by such efforts. Arun’s social media outlets, in addition to his gaming and interactive material, reflect his entertaining and cheerful attitude. Notably, he engages in a lighthearted conversation with his wife, providing his viewers with insight into their dynamic and adding a human touch to his online image.  In 2023, Arun debuted on reality television by competing in the seventeenth season of the popular show “Bigg Boss.”

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Arun Mashetty Wife

Arun fell in love and found friendship with Malak Mashettey, whom he married on March 15, 2021. Jury, the couple’s new daughter, has added to their happiness and family ties.

Arun Mashetty Net Worth 2023

His net worth is more than INR 5cr which he earns from social media.

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Some Important Facts

  • Arun Srikanth Mashettey is an Indian YouTuber who runs the Achanak Bayanak Gaming channel.
  • He uploads recordings of himself live streaming while playing video games on his YouTube account. He also uploads Omegle videos in which he is seen conversing with folks from other nations. His YouTube account has 290,000 subscribers.
  • He shares amusing information with his wife on social media.
  • Mashetty debuted as a participant in the reality program Bigg Boss 17 in 2023.
  • He eats a non-vegetarian diet and enjoys a range of delectable cuisines.
  • Arun is regularly spotted smoking cigarettes and smoking hookah on various occasions, as part of his interests.
  • He values fitness and exercises religiously, working out at least five days a week to be healthy and fit.

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