Anthony Padilla Wiki, Age, Biography, Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend

Anthony PadillaAnthony Padilla Wiki, Biography, Age Girlfriend:- Anthony Padilla is one of the creators of the popular YouTube channel Smosh. He is an American actor, comedian, videographer, YouTuber, and producer.  Padilla rose to prominence as a result of his amusing movies with his friend Ian Hecox, which they shared on their popular YouTube channel Smosh.

He currently does interview videos with various Hollywood celebrities and YouTubers on his channel. Anthony has even established his own production company, Pressalike Inc., and plans to release a short documentary film titled ‘I Maid a Mistake’ in December 2020. His self-titled YouTube channel has almost 5 million subscribers as of May 2021. He is also well-known for his collaborations with his pal Ian in films such as Smosh, The Movie (2015), and Ghostmates (2016).

 Anthony Padilla Wiki, Age, Biography, Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend

Name Anthony Padilla
Profession Youtuber, Actor
Birth Place California, America
Date of Birth September 16, 1987
Age 36-year Old
Material status Unmarried
Girlfriend/Wife Name Mykie
Nationality American
Height 5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight 75 kg
Father Name Leesah Padilla
Mother Name Dan Padilla
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Net Worth USD 1 Million
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Who is Anthony Padilla

Anthony Padilla is a well-known social media celebrity and YouTube star from the United States. An Internet sensation who rose to notoriety as a part of the comedy ensemble Smosh on YouTube. On his self-titled YouTube channel, he has amassed millions of followers, making him one of the most popular social media stars in the United States.

Anthony Padilla

Anthony Padilla Age, Education, Biography

He was born on September 16, 1987. As of 2023, he is 36 years old. Anthony Padilla grew up in Sacramento. It is the state capital of California in the United States. As a Virgo, he has a strong sense of speech, writing, and communication skills.


Anthony is well-known for his YouTube channel Smosh, which began as a website Anthony created to chat and hang out with his pals after school hours, but subsequently evolved into a YouTube channel where Anthony and his friend Ian make films together just for fun. Their debut video, Power Rangers Theme, in which they both danced in their bedroom, has 12 million views. He sold Smosh to Defy Media in 2011 for zero dollars and some stocks. He did, however, leave Smosh on June 14, 2017.  Anthony explained why in a YouTube video released on his self-titled channel. He quit because he wants to make videos with complete creative freedom, which he believes he no longer has. After all, Smosh has become a brand deemed by the firm. He then began uploading videos to his YouTube page.

Smosh is still popular on YouTube, with over 25 million subscribers. While with Smosh, he appeared in two comedy films: ‘Ghostmates’ and ‘Smosh, The Movie’ (July 24, 2015), and they also released their Smosh comic book series. Anthony has established his own production company, Pressalike Inc., and has produced a one-hour documentary film titled “I Maid a Mistake.” With 15 million views, Daniel’s most popular video is one in which he explains why he quit Smosh. He currently publishes films of himself spending a day with prominent personalities/YouTubers/Streamers, which are made by his production company Pressalike and are quite popular. All of these videos were created, directed, and written by him. This actor has a crew of people that assist him in shooting these videos. He spent a day with Minecrafters in his most recent video, which has 1 million views.

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Anthony Padilla Girlfriend

Since he was young, He has been in several relationships. Back in 2010, he dated his former partner Kalel Cullen, who is also a well-known YouTuber. They were together for four years before deciding to divorce in 2014. The ex-couple had a YouTube channel called WatchUsLiveAndStuff.From 2015 to 2018, Daniel Anthony Padilla was in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend Miel Bredouw. Miel is a well-known Instagram and Vine user. He still has several photos of her on his Instagram account. Anthony is presently dating her girlfriend Mykie.

Anthony Padilla Parents

His mother’s name is Leesah Padilla and his father’s name is Dan Padilla. His parents got separated when he was too young.

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Net Worth

If we discuss his net worth then it is more than USD 1 million.


  • Anthony has a pierced left nostril.
  • When he was 15, he was diagnosed with Henoch-Schoenlein Purpura/HSP, which causes joint agony, digestive anguish, and frequent vomiting, and he was bedridden.
  • He created a chat application and enjoyed coding as a child. Smosh was the app that was eventually transformed into the Smosh brand.
  • Anthony Padilla has begun eating vegan meals to improve his health.
  • This content producer is a creative and fun-loving individual who wants to enjoy every moment of his or her life.
  • His first Smosh movie was filmed in his bedroom with his best friend Ian.
  • He sold Smosh for nearly nothing in exchange for some shares.

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