Andrea Tandler Wikipedia, Height, Ethnicity, Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Career, Age, Wiki

<yoastmark class=Andrea Tandler Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Career, Wiki:-  Andrea Tandler is a well-known German lobbyist, entrepreneur, businesswoman, and politician’s daughter. She is well-known in the public due to her daughter’s connection with Gerold Tandler. Andrea Tandler played a critical role in the Pandemic as a mass mask producer in Bavaria, and now legal investigators have discovered that Andrea Tandler and her partner committed tax fraud and were accused of tax evasion for 23.5 million euros. Tandler is accused of several financial irregularities, including unpaid income tax totaling 8.7 million euros, gift tax evasion totaling 6.6 million euros, and trade tax evasion totaling 8.2 million euros.

Tandler is also accused of subsidy fraud for allegedly hiding 26.5 million euros in commission from mask transactions and allegedly claiming 9,000 euros in Corona emergency relief for her advertising firm. These charges have sparked serious concerns regarding Tandler’s financial practices, drawing the attention of legal authorities. Andrea Tandler was sentenced to many years in a women’s jail in Stadelheim.

Andrea Tandler Wikipedia, Height, Ethnicity, Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Career, Age, Wiki

Name Andrea Tandler
Date of Birth 1983
Profession Entrepreneur, Businesswoman
Age 40 year old
Birth Place Bavaria, Germany
Material status Not Known
Boyfriend Name Not Known
Nationality German
Father Name Gerold Tandler
Mother Name Gabriele
Religion Christain
Weight 68 kgs
Height 5.5 Feet
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blond
Net Worth €60 million

Who is Andrea Tandler?

Andrea Tandler is a well-known German entrepreneur and lobbyist who has achieved considerable success in both business and politics.


Andrea Tandler Age, Early Life, Biography

She was born in the German state of Bavaria in 1983, and she is 40 years old. She is of German origin and Ukrainian ethnicity. Andrea Tandler was born under the sign of Taurus.

Andrea Tandler Family- Father, Mother

She was born to Gerold Tandler, a former CSU politician in Germany, and her mother Gabriele. Andrea has two brothers and three sisters.

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Tandler was born in a politically engaged family to Gerold Tandler, a former general secretary of the Christian Social Union (CSU). Her upbringing in a politically active household nourished her enthusiasm for public affairs and strategic decision-making. Andrea is described in The Pandemic as one of the major profiteers from the mask catastrophe. Tandler began her professional adventure, building her route in the competitive business world, inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit. She swiftly established herself as a vibrant and prominent person in a variety of sectors due to her acute intelligence, excellent leadership abilities, and unyielding resolve.

Andrea emerged as a pathfinder after successfully navigating the complexity of business, starting and directing various companies that had a significant influence on the German economy. Her commitment to advocating policies that promote economic growth, social equality, and long-term development has gained her significant praise and support from both the public and private sectors. Her dedication to quality, together with her unwavering pursuit of innovation and growth, has shaped her journey as a leading figure in German entrepreneurship and activism.

Andrea Tandler Net Worth 2023

She is a German millionaire with an estimated net worth of €60 million.

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  • She is a well-known German businesswoman and the creator of a mask-making firm.
  • Her age is 40 years.
  • Tandler is of German origin.
  • Tandler embarked on her professional journey, carving her path in the competitive business world, fueled by her entrepreneurial drive.
  •  Due to her acute intelligence, great leadership talents, and unwavering resolve, she quickly established herself as a bright and influential person in several fields.
  • Andrea is a native of Bavaria, Germany.
  • Tandler was the daughter of Gerold Tandler and Gabriele Tandler.

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